Kenyan man commits suicide after wife gives birth to twins

"The deceased had not quarreled with his wife or neighbours." /THE STAR

A 34-year-old man died after jumping into a borehole at his home in Katalel, Keiyo North, on Sunday evening.

The man committed suicide barely two weeks after his wife gave birth to twins. Residents went to rescue him but found he had already died.

Katelel West assistant chief Luka Ruto said the man may have decided to take his own life after it became difficult to provide for the twins.

“He jumped into a borehole in his compound. He had no mental problems but he may have faced challenges catering for the twins,” he said.

“The deceased had not quarreled with his wife or neighbours.”

Police took the body to Iten County Referral Hospital mortuary and launched a probe.

Ruto urged residents to confide in friends and relatives whenever they have domestic problems.


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  1. LL says

    Are the police sure he jumped. Maybe someone helped him. I think the Police should at least investigate. Critical thinking + investigation is always important when it comes to someone’s death. It seems like they are just thinking, oh well he’s gone. What could help now? It could have been accidental or a murder, so if it he was helped into the well the police or investigators need to find out. How can someone just decide that he killed himself without proof first that it wasn’t something else? It must be investigated! If someone said they saw it happen, why couldn’t he have been rescued ? This man’s life mattered. Maybe life is cheap to those who are always are pushing to get ahead of others and don’t care about each person, but this is a man whose death deserves to be properly investigated for the sake of his family. We are all made in the image of God, so every life matters.

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