Raila Odinga Vs Uhuru Kenyatta: Who is God’s Choice?

Raila Odinga Vs Uhuru Kenyatta: Who is God’s Choice?

Raila Odinga Vs Uhuru Kenyatta: Who is God’s Choice?
As Kenyans near the elections on 8th August, the world watches! However, Kenyans do not view themselves from international perspective. 98% of Kenyans are simple and humble people whose existence revolves around getting their daily bread. And as the international media and world communities discuss the globalization of nations, Kenyans are discussing the two individuals who are front runners in this coming elections. Raila Amolo Ondinga, son of the founding father of Kenya’s opposition Jaramongi Oginga Odinga, and the current president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta son of the Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s founding president. Within this context, given Kenya’s historical adherence to faith in God, Kenyans have been praying for the will of God to be manifested in these elections. The most important prayer that is been expressed by all Kenyans united is prayer for peace during elections.
The other most important prayer is for God to do his will. It is here that the divisions are manifested, ‘spiritually’. Even those Kenyans who call themselves un-biased analysts are partisan when it comes to the question of God’s will in human political affairs. One group that the diaspora listens to is The Fifth Estate led by Mutahi Nguyi. In their YouTube presentation, they selectively use the New Testament to declare that God has willed Uhuru Kenyatta to be president. It is however clear from watching their presentation that their prayer is not based upon honest submission to Biblical Revelation and Authority that lets God Be God in his decision, but it is based upon their ‘prophetic imagination’ that is based upon their vetting for Uhuru Kenyatta! The will of God is not prophetic imagination, rather, God’s will is based upon Divine Revelation consistent with His word in Scriptures.
This will can only be experienced after an event and not prophetically. What we know about God’s decision is seen after the effect! For example, the Evangelical church in the United States Prayed that God will intervene for America and bring forth Donald J. Trump as President. When he became the president, they went back to the alters to thank God for hearing their prayer. To many of them, God’s will was done. But does God chose presidents or is it the will of the people? Are human beings robotic observers of life and its events? To answer this question, we must approach the Bible within purity of mind and heart. We have to go to the Bible without any preconceived notions of what is true and let the Word of God speak for itself.
The Divine decree in genesis gives humanity the WILL to decide for themselves in matters of this natural existence. God gave Adam and Eve two choices, laying down for them consequences. Adam and Eve decided for themselves and the consequences are displayed in every day life. Noah was instructed to call out humanity to the Ark. They mocked him and refused to enter in. They faced the consequences for their decision. When presented with a choice for God as King or a human King, the Israelites chose the later. They suffer the consequences to this day. God never coerces man to His choice, rather, He presents his principles and standards within life and scripture and desires that Humanity chose His standards. When they reject his standards, He works with what they chose!
Romans 13 declares that human government is appointed by God. Some use this to teach that it is God who appoints even the dictators and murderers for his will and purpose. What the biblical history however shows is that God has established human leadership upon the earth (Genesis: be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth). It is therefore the OFFICE that is appointed by God and is within the will of God. It is not the person! The person holding the office become actuated within God’s will after his or her ordination!
The biblical consistency in these matters is that; God demands that man fill the positions of leadership, however it is man who elect an individual and present them to Him for ordination. Americans elected Trump and presented him to God for ordination. Kenyans will elect their leader and present him to God for ordination.
The will of God in this coming election is that Kenyans elect a person consistent with the Biblical revelation: A man who will work hard to fulfill the Biblical mandate of serving God through service to man. At the inauguration, Kenyans will present the winner to divine will. Then God, accepting their decision will ordain them for His purpose.
The Biblical call remains clear; it is the individual person who must decide to or not to conform to divine will. God does not conform to our will, rather, He calls us to conform to His will by acting in respect to His revealed Word. Biblical Revelation is the will of God. Ours is to say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15). God’s will is that we chose Him and His will in scripture.
Voting is a human exercise, but service is DIVINE
Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBluff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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