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“None of My Politician Customers has Ever Lost.” Witchdoctor Ndumba wa Ndumba

Ndumba Wa Ndumba has seen politicians fall over themselves to tap into power.  The witch doctor claims that none of his customers have ever lost.

He spoke to the Nairobian about his trade and its popularity with desperate Kenyan politicians.

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Who between MCAs, Governors, Women Reps, MPs and Senators seek your services more?

For the last few months, we have got more than 10 governors and more than 16 senators. MCAs are so many. I can say they are more than 40.

 Can witchcraft change the opinion polls from pollsters Infotrack and Ipsos?
 No. We cannot change results that have been fed into computer systems or opinion polls but we can change the voters.

We only urge politicians to come to us and seek our services early so that they will be on top of the list all the time.

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Has any politician ever asked you to kill an opponent?

No. You know this a service same as the ones delivered in churches by bishops, fathers, and Sheikh. We decline such evil requests.

I can, however, refer you to others who wouldn’t mind crossing that line.

How much do you charge politicians for your services?  

Our charges depend on individual needs. What is it you want?

I am sorry it is against our practice to say how much we charge if you are not a customer.

Has a presidential candidate ever sought your services?

(Laughs). We have gone to another level, higher level. This remains our secret.

How do you make voters support your customer?

My medicines work through my customers. If I have seen your star is for winning, then you will be automatically voted in.

Why do most waganga always ask for chicken, goats, and sheep?

It’s for making offerings.

Do you offer any sacrifices as you treat these politicians to win?

No. We do not offer any sacrifices. We were not created to face hardships, but we do because of the people we meet in life. The moment we treat you that is all.

How do you deal with two opposing opponents seeking the same seat?

I will not divulge to you information about other customers, even your rivals. I will, however, ask you to seek help somewhere else.

If a politician loses, do you refund the money… or kiendacho kwa mganga hakirudi?

Before we ask you anything our powers can tell us where you belong. so, in case you want something you cannot contain we will just let you know. And none of my customers has ever lost.

Using your magic, can you tell who will win the elections in 2017? Raila or Uhuru?

I cannot say it because a doctor is for all and you never know who comes to you.

Where did you get these powers?

I inherited my powers from my grandfather. In Tanzania where I come from, am the only one with powers in my family. It is my job.

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