Kenyan pastor’s body cremated in London

The late Pastor Nicholas Chege Mwaura body was criminated in London on Friday 22nd September 2017. This was because of the condition of the body which was heavily damaged after he was crashed by a train in North London on Wednesday 13th September 2016. Family and friends met at East London Crematorium, Grange Road. Canning Town for the final farewell. The late Chege, an ordained priest of church of England comes from Gatanga, Muranga, Kenya. He was once a priest in Docklands, London. The ceremony was officiated by Church of England priest Rev. David Wade of West Ham Parish.

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Family and friends of the late Pastor Nicholas Chege at the East London Crematorium, Grange Road. Canning Town on Friday

The body of the Late Pastor Nicholas Chege being taken to the Chapel for the final journey


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  1. Anonymous says

    criminated?? check ur spelling

    1. Linda says

      And’crashed’! I noticed Kenyans have a major problem with where to place ‘a’ and ‘u’ in words. Crush, crash, staff, stuff, e.t.c.

  2. DMV says

    Don’t know which Linda posted this matter about spelling, but I wanted to respond and gaurantee that it was not the one who is also known as LWK or LL who made either previous comment. Not sure whom or which Linda did make this comment, but it is definitely not the Linda who is married to another Kenyan pastor (TNK) to be sure. But the main point is that the loss of Pastor Chege is a major tragedy for this family, so wanted to say ‘Pole sana mama na watoto.’ May God Keep You in His constant care!

    LWK, LL, & DMV

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