Kenyan woman looking for a mzungu husband using placard


  • A woman is the topic on social media after she created a poster calling for a husband
  • Cate Gachara has placed an advert calling for a white husband
  • She states that she will be a good wife

Kenyan men might not be stepping up to the plate if the rate at which young beautiful women are taking matters into their own hands when looking for husbands.

Less than a month after Nyambura, 28, paraded her child at the Central Business District with a poster looking for a husband, another one has taken the tip in stride.

In the photos doing rounds on social media, Cate Gachara, 27, has also placed a similar advert calling for a prospective husband who matches her steep requirements.

Gachara, who claims to be a mother of three stated that she wants to be married by a white man. Sorry for all the drooling Tom, Dick and Harry’s out there.

Also expressly written in bold is that she herself is ready to be a good wife accompanied by a cell phone number.

In August Nyambura was spotted holding a placard showing that she needed a husband on one hand, while holding a young girl’s hand believed to be her daughter, aged 7.

“Need for a husband pris.Nyambura 28 years. I have a girl child 7 years” Nyambura’s sign read in part.

The phone number she had attached reportedly rang off the hook from ‘suitors’ wanting to try their luck.


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