Kenyan Woman Dies in Italy over Alleged Medical Negligence

Yvonne Ndinda in a hospital bed. PHOTO | COURTESY

A 37 year old Kenyan woman, Yvonne Ndinda has died in Italy after doctors in one of the Italian hospitals delayed to perform a Cesarean Section on her.

The husband identified as Ibrahim, told the Italian news paper ilmessaggero that he took her to the hospital’s emergency unit for a C-section  but doctors rubbished his request saying it was unnecessary.“at one point, my wife said she could not breathe, but the doctor did nothing about it,” said the husband.

After four days, the doctors agreed to  perform the surgery on Ms Ndinda but she died during the operation,the baby named Oprah Rose survived.

Yvonne had gone to Italy to join the husband and they hoped to build a family together  but now it will not happen.

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  1. Anonymous says

    It makes me sad to hear negligence in saving some ones life. Am a medic and this is intolerable & unacceptable practice in conduct with medical act. If for sure this happened I believe this case need to follow the right procedures and ensure those doctors get what they deserve legally. They are ment to help save lives not the other way round. This is a disgrace and shameful act of negligence.
    Not acceptable at all legally, that’s an in humane act of practice!!
    “ save lives not money if you are a true doctors mind n soul “.

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