White Woman Insults Kenyans woman at a Nairobi supermarket

White Woman Insults Kenyans woman at a Nairobi supermarket
White Woman Insults Kenyans woman at a Nairobi supermarket

A woman shopping at the popular French Giant retail Carrefour located at the Hub in Karen has launched a complaint about the racial abuse she was allegedly subjected to.

‎Wangu Wa Muendo,‎ who was shopping at the supermarket, took to Facebook to narrate how a white woman discriminated against her and Kenyans in general on Saturday 30 September 2017.

According to Muendo, the white lady refused to queue and even threw her items which she had placed at the counter in Carrefour.


She divulged that the supermarket’s management was reluctant to help her at the hands of her adversary and simply watched as the white woman threw tantrums.

“I got into the queue like a civilized individual. This beautiful white woman comes from around the corner and comes to stand at the front of the queue. An elderly black man was next in line and seeing she has two little girls with her, he does the gentlemanly thing and lets her pass. She proceeds to explain to all that, we lazy Africans are the reason why we aren’t progressing in life. The elderly gentlemen proceeds to the next counter.

“The time comes for the beautiful white woman to pay for her items and leave. I take this opportunity to start placing my yogurt, dhania and bread on the counter.

“She puts her arm across my chest and pushes me aside and tells me to wait until she is out of the supermarket.

“I duly ignore her as I think she looks like she has issues of her own.


“She picks up my bread and some of the yogurts and proceeds to throw them on the floor.

“At this point, all the black people in the queue are now requesting for the manager to show up.

“I request the teller to get hold of a manager. He calls someone but no one picked his calls.

“A security guard showed up. He STARTED to TRY to tell us to stop shouting at the beautiful white woman. The teller was there to correct that ideology immediately. He heard the story and left,” she recounted.

Muendo noted that after the whole incident the white woman went ahead to call all African a bunch of lazy people.

“This beautiful white lady proceeded to tell all of us in the queue that we are lazy Africans and we don’t deserve our country. She paid off her bill and left,” she wrote on Facebook.

On Monday, Carrefour came out to condemned the incident noting that it had launched an investigation.

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White Woman Insults Kenyans woman at a Nairobi supermarket 

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  1. Mary Ngati says

    Too many people with mental issues all over the world. Stay vigilant.

  2. Dkm says

    Who the heck does she think she is!!!! She is sick,,and pitty on those kids..they will grow racist if she doesn’t change! If she feels she can’t be served in the same place with an African…how about she relocates back to where she or her ancestors came from?! She is in Africa and she has the audacity to insult an African! *&(SIK&*)
    Bitch, please!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    You should have egged her hair immediately she touched your groceries, nonsense.

  4. Columbia says

    Beauty is of character first then skin color later. I don’t think the so-called white lady is really beautiful. The girl has demons and then you Kenyans with your foolish “ukarimu” you let people come put fingers in your eyes in your own country. Shauri zenu. Go even to Ethiopia and try that to an Ethiopian, leave now trying that here in the West. Look at how envoys are lecturing you all while their own countries politics go to the dogs. Is it not the envoys who forced Uhuru to succumb to Raila IEBC demos last year? I hope he will remind them this time around and tell them he will not succumb to NASA demands. Let the laws be changed before the polls. Changing them after that doesn’t make sense. That is just like saying the electoral materials that had problems should not be changed before the polls. Don’t allow the envoys to push in a direction that may cause the election to be invalidated again. If chaos erupt they will evacuate and leave Kenyans slaughtering each other, God forbid! Change the laws NOW!

    1. Anonymous says

      She’s lucky it’s not me, she could have cursed the day!!! White supremacist, hate monger!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    That lady should have gone all ghetto on her she would have never talked like that ever again

  6. Anonymous says

    Thank God it wasn’t me she would have known y I’m akenyan.noncesce! !

  7. Anonymous says

    The heck she doing in Africa if she so despises us. Thank God it wasn’t me coz I would slapped the hell out of her flat ass.Stupid racist

  8. Keshy says

    Why couldn’t someone anyone slap that idiot ,aaaaarrgghhh not in our own country

  9. Naomi says

    Oooh noooo why no me? The white ass idiot would have regret the day. why u didn’t slap her? Next time you my fellow africans don’t give fuck to just hologans, show them true colors! Sorry poor lady

  10. Anonymous says

    That was so ignorant, the day a white pig will ever try that nonsense with me is the day i’ll go to jail…Stupid stinky white people! Why do they even come to Africa anyway! Pigs!!

  11. Nelly Njeri says

    Why use the term ‘beautiful’ WHO the hell does She Think She is. Ningekua hapo angekubali yesu ni bwana. Nonsence. Watunyanyasa Huku Europe na pia kwetu. Ashindwe

  12. Anonymous says

    aaaarrrrrrrgghhh i feel so much anger.
    wait a minute…. she had the odacity to first of all, assult you and emberass you…tell you what, just sue the living …. out of her,dont let this go queitly ,.sue her and get compensated for everything. if you need legal advice,inbox.waangu wa muendo.

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