Where Kenyan Women Learns Tabia Mbaya

Where Kenyan Women Learns Tabia Mbaya

There are gatherings, unions or places that women go to that are the source of many squabbles in the families. As men watch out for these places because these are where they meet and influence each negatively.

The Salon

It is known as a place where women enter looking like plain Jane and leave looking like Becky with the good hair that Beyonce’ is whining about in “Lemonade.” The she gender would take a loan if she is broke just to visit this place and many marriages have broken thanks to it.

The salon is no ordinary place, forget the beauty parlor aspect. It is like a gossip armory where what you pick can either break or make you.

Picture this, “Mama Boy” walks into the neighborhood salon for a hair do and perhaps manicure. The salonist doing her hair is an epitome of what most of them are, chatterbox cum know it all snitch.

A conversation is ignited out of the blues as mama boy tells them she needs to make her hair because she will be traveling upcountry to stay for a while as finances are tight in the family.

“I cannot stoop that low to please a man, what do you mean your husband asked you to move upcountry? Did he marry you to go baby-sit his parents in geshagi?” hairdresser A* quips

B* chides in with a snort,

“My friend let me tell you, that man just wants a strategy of bringing in another woman in your house. If you consent to the arrangement then you are a fool. If things are tight then let him beg if he must but do not go anywhere,”

Mama boy leaves the salon fuming like a Rhino, the hubby gets home and she says there are changes of plan and that she is no longer willing to go upcountry and if she must then they are going together. Baba boy cannot fathom what’s with the sudden change of heart even after they spoke at length and agreed that she stays there for a while as he sorts himself out…She visited the house of sin.

The Chamas

Well they help women to financially empower themselves which is fair enough. However, this is where your wife will learn to have a different account you will never know of and invest on her own. Once she gets her plot and develops it, she begins talking to you like your boss not wife.

Some of these seminars they go to are nothing forums for extra-marital affairs. Beware of the chamas your wife is involved in.

The Church

Has no doubt brainwashed a lot of women. Every evening, your wife is either at a kesha, evening glory, I don’t know daughters of who conference all at the expense and well being of her family. That is not what God wants, come on people of God; let us get realistic for once.

I know of women who respect the pastor more than they respect their own husbands.

A pastor get in the house and she is like,”usitoe viatu mchungaji”, she welcomes him warmly and can even use her last savings to treat him.

The hubby gets home to the house he pays for and enters with shoes, she screams the building down. When he asks her to use her money for food when he is broke, she call him names, which God are you serving woman?

Serve the lord, but he who gave you the husband also expects you to take care of your family too.

Girls night out

It is worse if your woman still hangs around with unmarried friends. Yes, your husband might be liberal and open minded enough to allow you go out with your friends. But if you ask me, restrictions have to be made with regards to such arrangements.

It does not have to be frequent and she has to be home by a certain time or else my friend, you will lose your woman right under your nose.

She gets to be tipsy when you are not around and flirt and if this is allowed to be frequent, chances of her cheating are almost certain. Besides, if the “girls” she hangs with are not yet married, we all know women are worse than vampires; they’ll negatively influence her in ways that can possibly ruin her marriage.

The stuff they are likely to discuss over glasses of wine are gist on how good or bad you are between the sheets, how much you earn and how little you give her, they’ll tell her she looked more bubbly when single and shouldn’t have rushed into marriage and the likes.

Her head will be filled with nonsense and she will return home with hot airs and if the marriage crumbles, the so called “squad”will be the first to gossip and trip over themselves offering to take her place.

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Where Kenyan Women Learns Tabia Mbaya

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