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The 18th. International Anti Corruption Conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from October 22nd. to 24th., 2018. The theme of this years conference is, “Together for Development, Peace and Security, it is the time to act.
With the current spate of violence and insecurity in different corners of the World,  Peace and Development has been hampered, especially in most countries in the Middle East and in Africa.
Unnecessary conflicts and rampant corruption has also been a major contributor of the lack of development and to an extent, the insecurity witnessed.
This years International Anti Corruption Conference, intends to discuss the best actions necessary to promote Togetherness for Development, Peace and Security in the World over. Different Organizations all over the World, sponsor representatives to the conference, in view of contributing to discussions on different topics there.
It is therefore very important to take the advantage of the conference in order to seek ways and means to bring development, peace and security, which lacks in most Nations in Africa and in a few other Nations  in the World.
By Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity.

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