Kenyan don at centre of US immigration row given 90 days leave


A Kenyan professor who has been at the centre of a long running immigration row in the US has been given three months to self-deport after losing his asylum appeal case.

Prof. Aggrey Mbenga Wanyama, a cousin to CS Eugene Wamalwa was on Thursday issued with a 90-day ultimatum to leave the US after his appeal for asylum was denied.

Prof. Wanyama will be deported to Kenya should he fail to leave the US by July 14th after having lived and worked in the country for more than 25 years.


The scholar, who has been working as an English professor at Augsburg University in Minnesota, was on Thursday ordered by American immigration authorities to pack and leave after his application for asylum was denied.

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CBS TV reported that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities on Thursday informed the Kenyan-born scholar that he had three months to exit the country, where he has lived in the last 25 years.

Wanyama, who moved to the US on a student visa in 1992 and attained a PhD, will be the latest victim of President Trump’s tough Immigration policy.

He had earlier launched an appeal for political asylum, but was dismissed by court.

Top officials at Augsburg University and members of the immigrants’ community in the US have been protesting attempts to deport Wanyama to his motherland.

“This is about the whole immigrant community and not just about being Kenyan. We are talking about a man who has contributed very widely in this society. He is a professor. He mentored me. He is a father figure to many of us,” Renson Anjere, a fellow Kenyan living in US, told CBS TV.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is also against his deportation and has been in the forefront fighting for the lecturer to remain in the US.

“He is not just a resident and he is not just a community member, he is a member of our family and the City of Minneapolis. He is not going anywhere,” Frey told CBS TV.

Wanyama is a relative of Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa.

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