Mudavadi is a lazy, certified coward with ‘zero integrity’ – Miguna

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi is a “lazy and a certified coward,” lawyer Miguna Miguna has said.

The self-declared NRMKe general said Mudavadi has never earned any position he has held or the wealth he enjoys.

“…@MusaliaMudavadi is a typical Kenyan tumbocrat…everything he has is traceable to his father Soapstone Mudamba and Daniel arap Moi.”

The lawyer was responding to an interview by the NASA principal on his deportation saga.

During the interview, Mudavadi said: “If you moved into a country and a travel document is required, and you don’t produce it. What are you doing?”

But Miguna, via Twitter on Monday, launched a scathing attack on the NASA principal referring to him as a ‘person of no integrity’.

“A fat KANU toad with zero integrity. A certified coward. He deserves what he gets because he is a lazy, lying, despicable coward. No sympathies.”

This is the first time Miguna is hitting at Mudavadi after he and other co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper) and Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetangula “betrayed” Raila Odinga during his mock swearing in on January 30.

The three went missing during the oath day.

This opened doors for a split up in the party headed by Raila Odinga.

Later on in March, Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta ended elections tension by agreeing to work together and reconcile the nation.

This brought a misunderstanding in the party with the three accusing Raila of working alone.

On Sunday, Mudavadi defended the planned merger of ANC and his counterpart Wetangula’s Ford Kenya party.

In an interview with the Star, the ANC leader said their new found relationship with Wetangula is meant to solidify their support base.

He said they severed their relationship with ODM’ Raila Odinga so as “to build a strong momentum to sustain the push for reforms, good governance and electoral justice.”

Source The Star Newspaper

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