Do Not Force Moi-Ruto Friendship: Allow Moi To Choose Friends

Not everybody would come to my house without my wish. Likewise no human being in the world would allow everyone to go to his/her house without his/her wish. In as much as we cannot avoid to remember the darkest moments of President Moi’s dictatorial reign, just like any other Kenyan, he should not be denied the freedom entitled to him by the constitution. He has the freedom to choose who should be his friend like any other Kenyan.

The fact that the Deputy President William Ruto was denied entry into Moi’s house, is not a reason at all to condemn President Moi. President Moi has all the rights to choose who enters his house and who should not. His house is not a public property.

It is high time Kenyans understand that President Moi’s house is neither a Museum, a game park nor a Government house. It is belongs to Moi. It is a private home like other private homes in Kenya. It is therefore wrong for Mr. Mutahi Ngonyi to insist that President Moi owes Deputy President William Ruto an apology. An apology for what?

No one in Kenya has the rights to run President Moi’s house or to conduct any businesses at President Moi’s house without his permission. It is against the law in Kenya. Allow Moi to choose friends. Allow President Moi to choose who to visit him and who should not visit him. I also choose friends, you also choose friends and everyone in this world chooses friends. Why not Moi?
Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity
Former Secretary General
Kenya Civil Servants Union.

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