Kenyan student develops solar-powered car


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A Kenyan student is the latest inventor of a solar powered automobile and his invention is making the rounds on the country’s social media space.

Twitter posts said 30-year-old Samuel Karumbo, who is from Kitale polytechnic , has the car parked in Langas Eldoret Town.

The two-seat four-wheeler has a solar panel across its back. Some inscriptions on it include: ’0% pollution,‘SOLAR CAR’ and ‘Made in Kenya.’ The car is said to have the capacity to on full charge to cover about 50 km in a day.

Almost a year ago, a similar invention was put together by students of Ghana’s Premier engineering university, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) located in the resource rich Ashanti region.

The first version of the environmentally friendly automobile was outdoored during a graduation ceremony of the university. The invention of the 4×4 vehicle was in partnership with the Technical University of Munich, the state-owned Daily Graphic reported at the time.

It was developed by the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Physics, and is seen as a breakthrough for the West African nation as it explores ways to build a more robust automobile industry.

By Africanews

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