“Kenya’s High Commission in Ottawa is Like a Pit Latrine without Toilet Paper”-Miguna


Miguna Miguna has responded to Raila in one of the most controversial tweets.The self-imposed NRM leader heard what Raila said in South Africa and gave this response:

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The Kenya High Commission in Ottawa is like a pit latrine without a toilet paper at your local village,yet in his selling FAKE BRIDGES DESPERATION Raila Odinga misleads his sycophants that it can override tyrannical decisions  made in Nairobi”

Raila had insinuated that Miguna refused to hand over his Canadian passport for stamping. He added,”even after being presented with forms to fill,he tore them”.

Miguna did not take Raila’s words lightly.And in a record,he has written a book about Raila which he will launch this year.The book will reveal  ore secrets about Raila and the evils the opposition did before and during elections.Miguna will claim Raila lost the August 8 elections fairly.


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  1. Enoch Oblitey says

    I am African, and I like Kenya, but what makes me wonder is why oh why does Kenya burn a very rare commodity IVORY. Who on earth are you listening to that has told you that it is best to burn instead of selling this priceless commodity. There is certainly a Market for it, and you know it. Just because the Western world do not know what to do with it does not mean it is not a viable commodity. Most of the poachers will be very happy to work with the government to save the elephants. In this modern era with cameras that can be deployed unseen anywhere, it beats my mind that Kenya proudly burns so much IVORY that can yield enough money to look after the poorest of the poor in KENYA. PLEASE KENYA to save the elephants, try selling the IVORY on the market for once.

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