Nairobi wars: KOT call for truce as Sonko, Ahmednasir trade barbs

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, Ahmednasir Abdullahi have gone gloves off on Twitter after the lawyer claimed that the “county is dead and should be disbanded”.

“The County Government of Nairobi is functionally dead. It is a national disaster. It will only get worse,” Ahmednasir said via twitter on May 10.

The city lawyer asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to exercise his Constitutional prerogative and disband the county.

“I petition Uhuru to disband the county government and for the national government to takeover all services/functions,” he said.

But in a quick rejoinder on May 11, Sonko , with the lawyer’s picture in tow, posted a tweet where he referred to the lawyer as a ‘conman’.

“You conman @ahmednasirlaw, after obtaining millions from your German client with all  your Cornell University degrees vs my Kamiti, Shimo Prisons & KEMU degrees, I still beat U at the High Court and Court of Appeal in the Temple Point case [sic],” the governor said.

Buree kabisa (very useless) and you should stop intimidating Judges.”

And in a quick rejoinder, Ahmednasir said: “When Hon Governor Sonko who served only 8 months of 5 years jail term and who then escaped from prison throught a rathole calls you a conman…you know we live in interesting times.”

With 221 replies and more that 200 retweets, Sonko’s post received mixed reactions from his followers who posed a question of whether the governor was doing it right or wrong.

“Hahaha….I told you to study hard you refused. Now see, you only managed to go to Kamiti, Shimo la Tewa n finally Kemu where you got a pass degree in planting grass. See your life….Send your goons now. Am ready.” @WycliffeKaduch1 said.

@qc_nasir said: “Wait, what does @ahmednasirlaw Cornell Degree have to do with yours…When court decides on how to settle a matter, it doesn’t mean either is inferior to the other…its just a ruling…[email protected]

In 2017, Sonko defended scoring an E in Mathematics during his KCSE in 1992.

Watu wangu getting an E in maths in 1992 haikuwa mbaya kulikuwa na mass failures mean grade ya kuingia campo was C+ and my mean grade was C-,” (sic) Sonko twitted.

Loosely translates to (My people getting an E in maths in 1992  was not bad there was a mass failure. The mean grade for going to University was C+ and I got C-).

He added “opponent wangu anaeiita ‘manager’ alikuwa na 4 E’s.” (sic) It is not clear who he was referring to.

“But Sir,Your office does not allow such online duel,,you should engage in solving many many challenges facing Nairobians sir!,” @GM_Kipkemoi, another twitter user, said.

@GM_Kipkemoi  added: “Whether at ahmednasir law is a quark lawyer or conman,,or whether you yourself were once a chokoraa is none issue to Nairobians, We demand good service delivery,its a right sir,NOT a privilege!”

“And the #GarbageGovernor is out here spewing insults instead of working to prove the @ahmednasirlaw wrong on effective running of the city county! Bure Kabisa,” @ougomandela said.

@Tonyalfred8 said “This guy is bitter because @MikeSonko chose PLO instead of him! He’s incompetent and let him deal with that!”

“@ahmednasirlaw is bitter with Governor @MikeSonko because Sonko is fighting the Cartel which has been robbing Kenyans of their hard earned tax. The lawyer is part of the Cartel,” @chriskioko46 said.

“Corrupt people don’t have a place in this government … congratulations for your win Mheshimiwa,” @Rewind75512853 said.

@TryphoneOwiny said “He is practising law on social media nowadays probably he can’t stand the court room. As the CJ.”

Source The Star Newspaper

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