Diaspora Kenyans don’t need to vote,its a waste of time and money


Diaspora Kenyans don’t need to vote,its a waste of time and money

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Diaspora Kenyans don't need to vote,its a waste of time and money

When the Jews arrived in America under political Asylum, they vowed one thing, unity and to forget the past, the past of where they came from but all the same vowed to be returning to sobibor and other concentration camps just for remembrance.

They worked hard in unity and finally managed to build Jewish cities in New York , Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and eventually got involved in Government affairs, they got money and power and could easily vote a Mayor into Office.

This was all possible after vowing to forget the past of where they came from. The past can at times make you not to progress. Yes we love our past, we love our country but if we can adapt and love where our children are growing up, then we would form communities just like the Jews who now rule America.

They control New York, they control Chicago and its endless, had they continued spending their energies thinking of their past and the best form of Government of where they had left, it would not have been possible.

The new found political love of our country will just hinder our progress here in America. All we need to do is to let the many we left behind to represent us while choosing their leaders as they are the majority. We don’t need to vote as the people back home have enough representation. We need to just guide them on how to choose a leader just by using our phone.We can even sponsor a president from the diaspora for example to go home and vie for the highest seat.

It’s not possible to vote from America as we are scattered all over and if we did, it will not affect the outcome very much. The logistics are too costly and who will fund such? The amount involved will make our country even more poorer.

We have enough representation back home and so just work hard without thinking of diaspora voting and continue guiding your children on how to survive in this transient world. Diaspora vote is a waste of time and money and not necessary. Those are my views and may what you read don’t go beyond your conscience.

By Isaac Kinungi


Diaspora Kenyans don’t need to vote,its a waste of time and money

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