Sad that some Kenyans are unhappy with Raila’s appointment

It is sad that some Kenyans are unhappy with the nomination of Hon. Raila Odinga as the Representative for Infrastructure and Development in Africa.

I have interacted with a few people since his appointment and some have given me shocking reasons for their disapproval.

​Some are arguing that this position should have gone to a youth. I find this line of reasoning a bit myopic and to a greater extent being advanced from a point of ignorance

I equally presuppose that people are hiding behind youthfulness just to advance our level of pettiness and Kenyan tribalism.

We cannot ignore history which clearly indicates that appointments to special envoy positions of this magnitude and well-defined roles have largely been a preserve of prominent personalities including former heads of member states.

Just like the person of Raila, the holder of this office must be a person of influence with cross-border diplomatic networks and proven records of success.

These were clearly cited as the reasons for his appointment. Obviously, Raila will need a staff of technocrats which should include the youth to help him discharge his duties.

To answer the question of youthfulness, I will consider the US secretary of commerce, Wilbur Ross.

Ross is an 80-year-old man and was appointed due to his immense investment acumen and connections that have great potential to spur growth and the results are self-evident.

Raila will be lobbying the African heads of states as a Pan-Africanist in order to achieve the ideals and the derailed dream of integrating Africa.

The heads of state that he’s tasked to unite are by no means a club of boys.

I’m wondering if those who are throwing tantrums ever knew the existence of this position.

It’s time we reassess our patriotism and rise above tribal politics.

Let’s appreciate our great country for producing a person of Raila Odinga who has stood out in the world stage and is being celebrated across the globe.

OPINION By Obed Ombongi

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Source The Standard Newspaper

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