VIDEO: Kathy Kiuna explains her lavish lifestyle on CNN

Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) Reverend Kathy Kiuna recently spoke about her lavish lifestyle in an interview with CNN’s Richard Quest.

Asked whether she gets offended when questioned about her love for the finest things in life, the Daughters of Zion founder said it does not hurt her.

“If you do not know me you will say things…you can be well off but that does not mean you are not humble.

“I think I am a very humble human being but I believe that God has called us to live life,” she said.

Kiuna further added: “I would love the church to grow up to 80,000 or 100,000 people because we see the lives of young people change.

The reverend has often been criticized for living large while her congregants are struggling in poverty and most recently was questioned for hosting Quest in their church.

This is after the renowned journalist admitted he is gay and called for the world to be more accommodative of people’s preferences.

Kenya has a strong stand on same-sex marriages and it is one of the subjects that is frowned upon in the country.

Mapambo – Rev Kathy Kiuna (Official Video) HD

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Source The Standard Newspaper
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