VIDEO: Inside Raila Odinga’s Luxurious Bondo Home


VIDEO: Inside Raila Odinga’s Luxurious Bondo Home: Distinctively, the sculpture of a lion lies a top the grave of the family’s patriarch as a tombstone – perhaps a reflection of the courage and zeal of the man who was instrumental in the struggle for independence.

On the wall is the portrait of a young Jaramogi holding a fly-whisk in his hand – a tradition that the ODM party leader practices to date.

The galley room holds a wide collection of artifacts and historical photos both on the country history and the Odinga family lineage.

In one of the photo, Jaramogi is seen holding a bible in his hand taking oath as the country’s first vice president while in another he is shaking hands with the founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Another section of the gallery named ‘Jaramogi and the World’ displays photos of him meeting various leaders during his global tours.

Other artifacts preserved in the gallery include Jaramogi’s bed, a collection of his traditional hats, and several gramophones.

Culture and Heritage CS Rashid Echesa tours Odinga’s home in Bondo

“This is an assortment of walking sticks used by Jaramogi when he was a member of different political parties KANU, KPU and Ford. Each has a unique party symbol,” a plaque on the wall reads.

A section dubbed ‘Jaramogi’s family corner’ holds family portraits while another wall displays the photos of the four Kenya’s presidents Jomo KenyattaDaniel MoiMwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta.

Interestingly, the section where the presidential portraits are on display also features Raila Odinga’s image.

Another section “Corridors of Fame” displays images of renown world leaders including Thomas SankaraJohn F. KennedyMartin Luther KingMahatma Gandhi among others.

Culture and Heritage CS Rashid Echesa tours Odinga’s home in Bondo

To cap the collection are taxidermies of two lionesses housed in glass casing – perhaps a testimony of the unending roar of the Odinga’s in the country’s politics.


VIDEO: Inside Raila Odinga’s Luxurious Bondo Home

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