1. I write this article at a time when a man who wanted to escape from hospital because he could not pay the bill of his sick child is making headlines in Kenyan papers and yet the corrupt cartel bosses like Tom OJIENDA are treated with a pat on their backs .
  2. The contrast here remains -those who steal billions of shillings are given immediate bail and soft landing but the young father who is the case study of the Africa we live in was sent back to jail for such a minor and desperate act of saving his family . This sums up the CJ Maraga courts of Kenya .
  3. It’s sad and appalling that an incompetent and weak David Maraga does not see this as very disturbing act to Kenyans. This is how courts operate in Kenya . As these happen the CJ has not resigned from the judiciary despite all the evidences that depict his institution as the stumbling block to the fight against corruption.
  4. When you take a keen interest in the judiciary and the way it’s being run , you will find a rotten and inefficient system. The current Judiciary can’t dispense fair justice. A judiciary system totally off track and led by a clueless man who is operating the system like personal property.
  5. CJ Maraga lacks the capability to effectively dismantle the cartel ring that has taken over our courts and dictates how some cases are handled and settled. He lacks the goodwill and the energy to usher in radical changes and the much needed reforms in the judiciary.
  6. A Chief Justice who is so emotional and against anyone who speaks against what’s ailing the judiciary cannot change things in 2 years . It will not be of any help neither will it make the already tainted image of the judiciary clean. Mr Maraga must therefore stop blaming social media and live with the fact that he has failed as a C.J.
  7. Kenyans know the proverbial adage that says a drowning man will clutch at every straw. Mr Maraga is overwhelmed by his own incompetence and is drowning in the fast waters of the reform storm.
  8. The old and the “I don’t care” mentality employed by the chief justice has failed. Mr Maraga must be awakened to the reality that in this time and age , it’s an effort in futility to resist change. Nobody ever does .
  9. Let CJ Maraga take heed and run before the truth comes . Let the CJ read the mood of the people who are clearly dissatisfied with his leadership . A stinking judiciary riddled with ineffectiveness and corruption is not Kenyans want


God bless Kenya

Dr David Nyekorach-Matsanga



United Kingdom

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