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Diaspora Valid Dreams: Jeremy Damaris On A Mission To Give Hope To Helpless Kenyans

Diaspora Valid Dreams: Jeremy Damaris On A Mission To Give Hope To Helpless Kenyans
Diaspora Valid Dreams: Jeremy Damaris On A Mission To Give Hope To Helpless Kenyans

If you have ever met him, you will agree with the Kikuyu saying that put it thus:

“Fame cannot be equated to the beholder” and true like said, Jeremy is in a “classe speciale” of his own and not anywhere equal to the so called leaders for he is above many.

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The word Philanthropy may have been created just to describe this TRUE son of Africa as he has gone out of his way expressing empathy while compassionately responding positively to deserving cases many don’t pay attention to and pass the buck to politicians.

An aspiration and a fulfillment to valid dreams by connecting the dots and networking to those that share common values and purpose to bring about change to humanity and society at large.

Yes Jeremy has a special gift that can make us believe in ourselves and together as one family in Diaspora , we can do great things.

When we find one such people within our midst its only fair to put our differences aside and support his noble causes that are aimed at helping the less fortunate, not only in Kenya but also in the Diaspora.

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That is no other but the man known to many as JEREMY DAMARIS and surely we must support this true son of Africa to realize his dreams and aspirations in life of helping the sick and helpless.

Jeremy is not the son of the woman mentioned in a single verse in Acts of the Apostles (17:34 as one of those present when Paul of Tarsus preached in Athens in front of the Athenian Areopagus in c. AD 55) who embraced the Christian faith following Paul’s speech, but a man from a humble beginning who like many other Kenyans ended in America to chase the American dream.

Jeremy has done a lot of humanitarian work but his mission to Kenya last month is so historical and biblical that it somehow resembles the days of Jesus when the son of man would make the cripples to walk.

Unlike Jesus, Jeremy had not gone to Kenya to perform miracles but other type of miracles that have given hope to many desperate people.

Here we are not talking of Oduor , Nganga or Kanyari’s, fake miracles, but something more substantial as his deeds are sincere and done in broad daylights not by fake people, but by genuine people that honestly deserve help.

His mission gave hope to an ailing woman with a strange disease similar to biblical Naaman leprosy, a helpless sick boy that had lost the will to live, a boy aiming to continue with his education and lastly and not least encouraging a young talented preacher making many to wonder if the messiah has been born again.

This lady can now smile as she will receive the required treatment after people in the Diaspora responded overwhelmingly.

The young ailing boy now has hope as treatment has commenced

Jeremy taking the role of a father advising the boy whose fees up to form four was paid by people from Diaspora.

Giving hope to a desperate boy that could not afford school fees.

Jeremy with the Young preacher Reverend Victor Githu who can challenge many.

For the last one month, Jeremy has been in Kenya not to visit his rich friends to organize merry making tours to Mombasa and Maasai Maara,  like many do while on holidays to Kenya, but to mix with desperate less fortunate poor Kenyans to give them hope and to feel loved.

We have hereby captured three among many humanitarian gestures that this philanthropist son of Africa did and not only exposed their plight but made many in the Diaspora to contribute to the noble cause.

While the rich and the politician ignored their plight, Jeremy left his comfortable home in Alabama and went to Kenya to shame the very people that are voted to help the less fortunate.

They had slept for too long while making useless tours glorifying top politician yet in their midst, lies poverty and desperate people without voice and many other yet untold stories of doom and despair.

The politicians all the same had no time to find out who had come to challenge the very gesture they were supposed to be doing on a daily basis or were maybe too ashamed to come out, but undeterred, Jeremy did his work that he always do with a lot of passion.

His mission has yielded fruits due to the overwhelming support from the Diaspora and those few affected can at least sleep and smile as their worries have been taken care of.

We at Kenyan Parents in USA and all in the Diaspora wish to further encourage Jeremy to continue with his humanitarian work so that his efforts will bear an everlasting foundation that will continue helping many desperate souls.

We also take this Opportunity to thank Lucy Karugu director of Lymack Suites situated in Kiambu for her continued support to those in the Diaspora.

D.K. Gitau


Kenyan parents in USA


Diaspora Valid Dreams: Jeremy Damaris On A Mission To Give Hope To Helpless Kenyans

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