Kenyan Man Arrested in India Attempting to Sell Ksh8.8 Million Fake Currency


Police in India have detained a 45-year-old man for forging and selling counterfeit foreign currency including Euro and US dollars.

Muthay Isaha was arrested after he attempted to sell fake currency worth Rs 63 lakh (Ksh8.8 million) to a businessman.

The man has been in India for four months.

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Police Superintendent, Abhinav Deshmukh, revealed that Muthay contacted the businessman on phone and told him that he had currency worth Rs 8.40 crore (Ksh118 million) in Euro and US dollar bills.

Police Superintendent, Abhinav Deshmukh

“He said the notes, for security reasons, were in black colour.

He met the businessman and alleged that after cleaning the notes with a chemical they’d resume their original form.

“He also showed a demonstration applying the chemical to two notes and the process showed one was a 300 Euro bill and the other a 200 dollar bill,” the police boss mentioned.

Muthay later told the businessman he needed money to purchase the chemical.

Police detained him from a hotel in the City of Kolhapur, West India.

During the raid, police seized the chemical, 2,200 sheets of black coloured paper and hand gloves for processing the notes.

Kolhapur city

India Times reported that police also recovered Ksh18,500 cash, three foreign currency notes packed as 200 dollars, 200 Euro and 300 Euro.

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