John Githongo to pay Murungaru Sh27m for defamation

John Githongo

Former anti-corruption czar John Githongo has been ordered to pay Sh27 million  for defaming former Internal Security minister Chris Murungaru.

Justice Joseph Sergon said it was clear Githongo had no evidence for the allegations touching on Murungaru in the multi-billion-shilling Anglo Leasing scandal.

Murungaru accused Githongo of collaborating with the media to defame him through various publications. The case has been in court for years.

Githongo was hard put to explain how he concluded in his report to then President Mwai Kibaki, dated November 22, 2005, that Murungaru and his associates had “resurrected” the contentious contracts that were carried over from the Kanu regime. He acknowledged the existence of the contracts but said their legitimacy was questionable.

Githongo will appeal the High Court decision.

In a statement to newsrooms, Githongo expressed his displeasure at the ruling and said his commitment to the fight against corruption in Kenya remains unshaken.

“I am disappointed though unsurprised by the judgement that has emerged from the High Court with regard to the Anglo Leasing defamation matter brought against me by Murungaru. I however remain undeterred by distractions engineered by the very thieves stealing from Kenyans,” read his statement.

“It is my plan to appeal this judgement as vigorously as possible. Unfortunately the court also disallowed witness evidence in my regard and we have filed my intention to appeal on this basis as well,” he said.

Source The Star Newspaper

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