My first girlfriend was Kikuyu: Atwoli defends ‘washenzi’ slur

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My first girlfriend was Kikuyu: Atwoli defends ‘washenzi’ slur
My first girlfriend was Kikuyu:  Atwoli defends 'washenzi' slurCOTU secretary general Francis Atwoli has defended his usage of the word ‘washenzi’ after a section of Murang’a leaders said it was directed at the community.

“Mimi ni mkikuyu kuliko wakikuyu wengine…do not incite the Kikuyu community; we want to support the president in eradicating corruption in Kenya,” he said.

This loosely translates to, “I am more Kikuyu than Kikuyus themselves…”

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Atwoli continued, “Mkenya yeyote asiye simama na Rais Kenyatta ni mshenzi.”

This translates to, “Any Kenyan who doesn’t stand by President Uhuru Kenyatta is a fool.”

Atwoli told the Tanga Tanga group to stop inciting Kenyans.

“Don’t incite the community. We want to support Uhuru in eradicating corruption. I can’t say that all Kikuyus are washenzi,” he said.

Atwoli faulted former Starehe MP Maina Kamanda for “inciting” the community.

“My first girlfriend was a Kikuyu.. Do not incite Kenyans, My mother was the second wife of my  father and she is a Kikuyu,” he said.

I am very angry Maina Kamanda. People are twisting my words, really twisting my words.”

Atwoli said he would criticise any corrupt person, whether “you are Luhya, Kikuyu or Kalenjin…”

Atwoli over the weekend, said President Uhuru Kenyatta is being intimidated following the “handshake” with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

He said “the Kikuyus of yesteryears could not be intimidated to allow two centres of power”.

A section of leaders from Murang’a County demanded an apology from Atwoli.


My first girlfriend was Kikuyu: Atwoli defends ‘washenzi’ slur.

Source The Star Newspaper

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