Sonko shares old photos of him and wife, gives advice to successful marriage


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Kutoka Mbali: Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Mbuvi inspired several people on Friday 10 May after sharing intimate photos of himself and his wife Primrose Mbuvi.

Sonko, not only posted the photos on social media but also, gave marital advice to Kenyans on how to achieve a successful marriage.

The photos, which are from way back, showed a young Mr and Mrs Mbuvi in love.

Sonko advised couples to stick to each other and persevere together no matter the struggles they face in their relationships.

“No matter what you are going through in your marriage, relationship or life just Love your babes, stick to her, stay together, vumilianeni,” he said.

The governor also went ahead and gave tips on how to sustain a relationship. His main theme was to apologize to your spouse when you do something wrong.

“Ukimkosea sema baby pole, ukichelewa kufika home sema babes pole, akipata sms ya mpango wa kando mpe kipindree alafu mwambie babes pole, akikushika na dame/ chali mwambie babes nakupenda nisamehe. Watu wengi huvunja relationship zao coz ya kushindwa kusema babes I’m sorry I love you forgive me… (When you do something wrong to your spouse, you apologise, if you get home late, say ‘babe I’m sorry, if she/he gets a text message on your phone on infidelity, apologize, if your spouse catches you cheating, say babe ‘I love you’ then apologize. So many people break their relationships because they did not apologize),” Sonko continued.

Sonko, has in many occasions, posted photos of his wife and praised her for being an amazing woman.

By Fay Ngina

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Source The Standard Newspaper

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