Repent or face hell-Archbishop Arthur Kitonga tells Pastor James Ng’ang’a

Pastor James Nganga and Archbishop Arthur Kitonga. Courtesy/Photo

Archbishop Arthur Kitonga of Redeemed Gospel Church has urged Pastor James Nganga of Neno Evangelism Centre to repent following after a video of him insulting his bishops went viral on social media.

“You either repent or be ready to face the devil in hell, you cannot be a man of God and yet your character is that of Satan. If you have any problem with your bishops or any other leader in the church, it can be settled amicably and through the guidance of the wisdom but not through abusive ways,” said Bishop Kitonga.The outspoken Kitonga also warned the Kenyans against following preachers who are arrogant.He said: “Kenyans should be able to follow preachers or men of God who portray Christ’s character and not the likes of Ng’ang’a who are full of negative influence to Christ’s body and the entire society.

Pastor Ng’ang’a is no stranger to controversy and just months after he hit the headlines when he recorded a video of himself attacking NTV’s senior journalist for criticising preachers; he pulled another shocker again.This time, a video clip circulated on social media showing the evangelist hitting out at some members of his church for what he termed as showing disrespect to his wife.

He even warned them that he would kick them out and close churches associated with his ministry if they would not change.“If you are not going to respect my wife I will kick you out of my ministry. This time around I will show you my power.“Any lady in this ministry who will not respect my wife can leave this church…wajinga hawa (fools).

You (bishops) found me here when you had nothing and now that you have made some money…stupid, arrogant…” he said.Ng’ang’a further stated that his name was being tarnished because of his ministry and that the devil was working day and night to destroy it.“You came to this church in rags and unkempt hair. I want full respect…nikikohoa unaitika (whenever I cough you should answer),” he added.It is this action that has angered Kitonga who claims he nurtured Nganga in spiritual work.“I am his spiritual father and I want him to apologize to his church leaders, followers and Kenyans at large.

This kind of action will not go unpunished, if he doesn’t repent then he will face the full wrath of God. He claims the devil is against him and that’s why I am now commanding him to repent or face hell,” adds Kitonga.He was speaking during the second anniversary ceremony at Tent of Testimonies Ministries International-Nairobi where Prophet Fred Akama was ordained as an apostle.“

Today we mark a special occasion, we have just ordained a servant of God and we will keep a close watch of his work so that he doesn’t deviate from the calling which is to serve God. I want other servants of God to borrow a leaf Akama and have spiritual fathers whom they must look upon and seek advice from in time of need, “comments Kitonga.

The Archbishop took the opportunity to urge all church leaders to support President’s Uhuru’s war on corruption.“The church must be on the forefront in fighting corruption and we must work with all government agents to kill the monster. Kenyans too must join the fight since it is their future that is being destroyed through corruption, “concludes Kitonga.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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