Kenyan woman Salome Pritchett denied a green card for marrying a white man


Salome Pritchett denied a green cardSalome Pritchett denied a green card: A Kenyan woman Salome Pritchett and her husband Bruce are seeking for help to stop USCIS From Tearing their Family Apart. Salome has been denied a green card for marrying a white man. Read the story below and sign the petition:

Stop USCIS From Tearing My Family Apart.

My name is Bruce Pritchett, a US citizen by birth in the State of Missouri, I got married to my wife Salome Pritchett a Kenyan citizen on August 8, 2015 in Missouri. My wife has been legally living in the United states for 7 years. She’s hardworking and pays Taxes in this country. We have a 3 yr old son together, who was born in Illinois. We filed a petition to help my wife Salome to adjust her legal status through marriage and get her a greencard, in May 2017. We had an immigration interview in December 2017. During the interview the immigration officer asked my wife why she “married a white man”, which to me that’s racial profiling, violation of human rights to marry and discrimination. She also demanded my wife to “revoke her then legal status” without telling us if she approved the green card or not. Her questions and demands to revoke my wife’s then legal status before approval of her green card made us including our lawyer very suspicious of her intentions.

Salome Pritchett denied a green card

Our lawyer advised my wife not to revoke her legal status because that would make her illegal in United States if the officer doesn’t grant the green card on the spot. Therefore, leaving my wife vulnerable for deportation, and I could not let that happen. Following the advice of our lawyer not to revoke my wife’s legal status the officer sent us home promising that all she needed was a signature from her boss to send us the approval notice of my wife’s green card in 7 days, but it never happened.
Together with our lawyers, we spent the whole year of 2018 following-up and requesting the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to send us the promised approval notice in vain. Our lawyers did everything possible to get them wrap up my petition and give my wife a green card but all fell on deaf years of U.S Immigration Services. In March 2019 our lawyers advised us to sue the USCIS in St. Louis, Missouri to stop the delay of our petition and grant the green card. They got mad and sent a notice of Intent to Revoke the approved petition that they approved back in 2017 and never sent the approval form to us.They gave us 30 days to send more documentation to prove that my wife was free to marry me, which we did. We even got the Certificate of No Impediment to marriage from Kenya, my wife’s country of origin, stating that my wife is free to marry me and other documentation required to prove our marriage is legal, including copy of Kenyan laws Marriage Act. Which this immigration officer said that the “Kenyan marriage laws are not in place”.
Although the Officer acknowledges that my wife’s “Family Ties In The United States Are Positive Factors” She went ahead to deny my petition for my wife’s green card.

Salome Pritchett denied a green card

I demand immigration Justice for my wife, because the USCIS did not even take time to review all the legal documents they asked for to prove my marriage to Salome is legal. Our lawyers said this immigration officer is not following the law concerning our case. That means, she’s only out to destroy families and deport people for no reason. We have less than 30 days file an appeal against this unfair and injustices of USCIS. Which is very expensive.
I have a 3 yrs old son who needs his mother and I need my Loving wife close to me. We love each other, and we both love our son to death. We take our marriage vows very seriously and nobody will separate us.

The pain and agony of growing without a mother or your wife is excruciating. Separating families is wrong and should not be tolerated. Its Cruel and Un-American.
For this reason, I do not want my son to grow-up without his mother around. I want my family together, Because family’s belong together. Please help me stop this cruel immigration officer from trying to deport my wife, destroying my marriage and my 3yr old sons life. Because what USCIS is doing is wicked, unethical, unprofessional and inhuman. It’s cruel and un-American!
Since we started this case back in 2017, the USCIS in St. Louis has wasted so much time on our petition and made us go through so much heartache, stress and mental anguish. We’ve spent so much money that has drained all our savings just to have our family live together in peace. But the USCIS is out to destroy my marriage and my family. Please help me fight for Justice  for my wife and family, and get the US Citizenship and Immigration Services approve my wife’s green card and stop the heartache, pain and mental anguish my family is suffering right now. Create a safe path to Citizenship for my wife and keep my family together.

Please sign our petition. Help me keep my family together.
Your support will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.
God Bless you,
Bruce Pritchett.

Click here to sign petition Stop USCIS From Tearing My Family Apart.

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