VIDEO: TV Presenter Charles Gikunga Slaps Bypasser For Interrupting His Reporting

TV Presenter  Slaps Bypasser

TV Presenter  Slaps Bypasser: A frustrated Charles Gikunga of Inooro TV was caught on camera slapping a by passer for passing in front of him as he was reporting.

The visibly agitated journalist waves his hand towards the by passer attempting to scare him aware from passing in front of the camera but the man still passed.

The incident left the onlookers laughing as it was based on relapse.

This comes a few months after Citizen TV’s Hassan Mugambi lost his cool after fellow journalists blocked his view while he was on live TV.

TV Presenter Charles Gikunga Slaps Bypasser

“I was live on Citizen TV, when the selfish and quite inconsiderate group decided to form a human ring around the CS’s venue for press conference. Our cameraperson couldn’t get a decent shot of the CS, who was about to address the journalists.

Until that incident, we had agreed that no one would block the frontal space of the venue, where the CS made his address. However, the group quickly forgot our agreement, and decided to defy it, with some occupying that space while carrying their smartphones.

I was, consequently, angry because our news director was shouting in my ear piece asking for a clear shot. I found myself being aggressive toward the group,” Hassan Mugambi he said.

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