Esther Arunga’s Ex-Fiance Wilson Malaba Mourns Daughter Ella

Esther Arunga’s Ex-Fiance Wilson, Diaspora Messenger News MediaEsther Arunga’s Ex-Fiance Wilson Malaba Mourns Daughter Ella: Before Quincy Timberlake showed up in Esther Arunga’s life there was Wilson Malaba, an interior designer and events organizer.

But that was all in the past, Malaba has since moved on and got married to his best friend. They had two children.

But that also changed two weeks ago when they lost their daughter, Ella.

“Baby Ella you were such an instantaneous inspiration…We loved you but God loved you more. Shine on sweetheart,” the bereaved father wrote on Instagram.

“I know heaven must be beautiful right now, because it has you in it,” he added.

Just like Malaba, Arunga lost her son, Sinclair Timberlake in 2014.

The three year old boy is said to have died due to blunt force trauma to the abdomen in their family home in Kallangur, Australia.

According to Arunga, her husband was responsible for their child’s death.

In July, the former journalist came clean on what really lead to her son’s death.

She was sentenced to ten months in jail but was later released on parole.

Esther Arunga’s Ex-Fiance Wilson Malaba Mourns Daughter Ella

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