Kenyan Passport Is 8th Most Powerful In Africa and 72nd globally

Kenyan Passport Is 8th Most Powerful In Africa and 72nd globally

Kenyan Passport Is 8th Most Powerful In Africa and 72nd globallyA Kenyan passport according to a recent report has been ranked the 8th most powerful in Africa, and 72nd globally.

Out of 107 countries in the world, the 2020 ranking by Henley Passport Index ranking released on Tuesday indicates that the Kenyan passport has strengthened its global ranking and moved two positions from last year’s 74th.

In addition, one is able to access 71 destinations without being able to attain a prior visa.

“As we enter the new decade, Kenya ranks at number 72 , eight places lower than its position on the index in 2010,”reads part of the report.

The increase in power of the Kenyan passport has been linked to the widening global mobility gap based on exclusive data represented by International Air Transport Association (IATA).

It has ideally been attributed to the campaigns organized by the Ministry of foreign affairs together with the travels by the Presidency which have been believed to increase bilateral links since earlier last year.

The passport tops in East Africa as the most powerful followed by Tanzania that ranks 73rd globally, with accessibility to 70 destinations without a Visa.

This is followed closely by Uganda, as Rwanda and Burundi come in fourth and fifth respectively.

The report documents that the reason for decline of passport power in African countries is due to political instability that has affected travel freedom.

“African countries have seen the power of their passports decline over the last decade due to political instability and conflict that has affected travel freedom on the continent,” the report notes.

In the report, Japan has been identified to have the strongest passport, followed by Singapore and Germany as the top three.

By Mercy Auma


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