PHOTOS: Tuju magic brings Raila and Ruto together in Karen


PHOTOS: Tuju magic brings Raila and Ruto together in Karen

PHOTOS: Tuju magic brings Raila and Ruto together in KarenThe namaste, leg shake and elbow bump greetings have become popular modes of greeting in the wake of the coronavirus as people around the world avoid the risk of contracting the pandemic.

Ruto and Raila paid Tuju a visit at his home in Karen to check on his health as he recuperates following a grisly accident he was involved in as he travelled to Nakuru last month to attend the late Mzee Daniel Moi’s funeral.

Tuju travelled to London to seek further treatment and returned to Kenya on March 8.

Speaking about his health upon his return, Tuju urged the youth not to take their health for granted, adding that the accident had made him look at life from a different perspective as he had difficulties carrying out tasks that were previously easy.

On Friday, Ruto and Raila were seen in a photo all smiles as they made the namaste gesture as Tuju looked on.

Photos of Tuju’s family filled his lounge as the ceiling to floor windows opened up to a luscious green garden.

Raila and Ruto have been at loggerheads with the DP’s allies accusing the AU envoy’s party members of planning an impeachment against him.

The last time Raila and Ruto met was in November last year during the launch of the BBI report.

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