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Uhuru blamed for bad blood with Ruto that has caused anxiety in Kenya

Uhuru blamed for bad blood with Ruto that has caused anxiety in Kenya

NAIROBI — The bad blood between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto has caused anxiety in the county, Kenya’s clergyman said on Monday.

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The Rev Canon Sammy Wainaina of the Anglican Church of Kenya was quoted by the Star newspaper as noting that poor leadership had given Jubilee and the opposition politicians the leeway to purport to speak for Uhuru.

“We are concerned as a church that the state of the nation is not good at all,” Wainaina, who is the provost of the All Saint’s Cathedral, Nairobi, told the Star.

He, however, said the hard-hitting letter he on Sunday addressed to Uhuru is not the official position of the ACK. He wrote the piece “after reflecting on the political developments in the country and interaction with people”.

He told the media that the views were his as the provost.

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“My office is allowed to reflect on such things. So those are my thoughts and were not sanctioned by the church leadership,” he was quoted as saying..

The letter posted on the church’s website, also seen by this reporter noted that the relationship between Uhuru and Ruto is not as close and healthy as was the case in 2013.

He warned that the failing UhuRuto “marriage” has a direct implication on the future generations since “our senior-most leaders are teaching our youths to be disloyal.”

“It is with much reflection on the state of this country that I have found the strength to write to you. Like children in a troubled marriage, Kenyans are worried and apprehensive about your government and your relationship with your deputy,” he said.

“Your vision and promises made Kenyans believe in you and your presidency. The chemistry between you and your deputy redefined our leadership – kneeling for prayers during your inauguration, addressing the nation together, dressed in similar fashion was unprecedented.”

In a veiled hitting of President Uhuru, he said the country is slowly burning in all aspects “that moulds our national fibre”.

He noted that the current political climate is not conducive.

“We have one government but currently, we are operating like a failed state. Your election as President depended on the support of William Ruto and versa since. You were voted as a duo. You, therefore, both have a symbiotic relationship.”

He also questioned Uhuru’s silence even as his ministers “openly disrespect” Ruto.

“It is said when you see the dog barking, the owner is around. Where do they find such arrogance? When does the Deputy President say something to the effect that ‘…unless you kill me, I will not be afraid’, where does that leave the nation? We can tell that your government is split down the middle.”

Wainaina also noted that although the handshake was welcome, it has left Jubilee in total confusion.

For instance, he said Ruto is seeking public sympathy because Uhuru has abandoned him “to the jaws of the opposition”.

He noted that if indeed the DP is corrupt as being alleged by the opposition and a section of anti-Ruto politicians, then the rule of law should be followed to remove him from office.

“The altercations between the two sides are not good for the nation. It is the high time you rose to the occasion and offered political guidance. Find it in you the need to find time to sort out your issues with your deputy. This washing of the dirty linen in public is not good for the nation,” he said.

Wainaina also said the Building Bridges Initiative “has become a political tool rather than an opportunity to dialogue.”

He raised concerns that there has been no civic education on the BBI, acknowledging that politicians with vested interest have hijacked it.

“What Kenyans are looking for is an affordable government that can be held accountable; an imperial president that the current constitution has created is a danger to the nation. We call for an issue-based referendum after a stakeholder’s conference that will come up with the questions,” he said.

He, however, said the church will not support a “yes” or “no” referendum.

He said Uhuru has scored poorly in ensuring that he provides visionary leadership that is kept alive with the citizenry.

Wainaina warned the President that if he does not change his style of leadership, he might not have a legacy to leave behind when his second and last term ends in 2022.

“The [Big Four] agenda has been swallowed by the BBI noise. It’s paramount therefore to move with speed and reclaim the nation back to the vision,” he said.

“We call for an independent audit on the government loans to ascertain their legality. We suspect that Kenya is paying fictitious loans to enrich people in government. Please don’t leave Kenyans poorer than you found them,” he added.


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  1. Don’t blame it on Uhuru you Vibarakas. Bad blood has been between Kikuyus and Kalenjins since the 1st land clashes between the 2 back in about 1983 onwards.

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    John Wambugu
    This is a one sided approach to the Kenyan problem. Ruto is the main cause of the impasse between him and the president. He was asked to slow down 2022 campaigns but instead he engaged a higher gear. The president has never said he has any problem with his DP. This is a creation of the media and tangatanga grouping. Should the president beg Ruto for an imaginary reconciliation? Wherever corruption is mentioned, you always see Ruto’s hand fighting the govt eg the dams scandal, Waititu, Echesa, etc even threatening the DCI, Matiangi etc prompting them to respond. The president reached out to Raila for peace, Ruto says he is being targeted.. It is Ruto who has no regard for anybody or institutions! Ask who is the most shrewd, corrupt person in Kenya and the name Ruto pops up…he has corrupted the church and now priests have come out to defend him. Corruption has destroyed the economy. The church should cleanse itself first in order to
    gain moral grounds to even speak about corruption. Recently, some guard is killed and Ruto takes advantage with claims that he was being targeted in order to gain sympathy votes! Why doesn’t he tell us who killed the boy since he appears to be on the know? Ruto has literally abandoned himself. He can’t respect anybody. He is so full of himself. What a cry baby !.. I hope the system will be able to nail him down on some of the numerous scandals as the priest has so challenged. He is not entitled to the presidency and should stop inciting his community. We are not at the mercy of Ruto! We are at the mercy of God! Let everyone work for the betterment of Kenya without pointing fingers at the president. He is not perfect and needs prayers from the church not this kind of bashing. All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God… let’s turn to God and pray for Kenya WITHOUT exception!…bishops,reverends, pastors, etc… let’s drop the holier than thou mentality!..I would have expected the Provost to write a letter to the DP addressing his short comings also. This letter appears biased and poorly researched. Godbless my beloved country Kenya. May the locusts and Corona virus die in Jesus name… amen!
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    • Thank you very much Mr. Wambugu, I can’t add more than what you have said. The man is full of himself and he does not care the Police officer has died in his office or not.

  3. @John you have become a victim of propaganda and a narrative being peddled by the anti ruto forces, it’s you views that are not thoroughly searched. I pray the God of heaven will open your eyes and not be a victim of such. A vote for Ruto is a vote for God’s will for the country. May you be found on the lords side as you claim and not on the other. This things are spiritual


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