Jalang’o speaks-up after incriminating boys club Whatsapp messages leak


Jalang’o speaks-up after incriminating boys club Whatsapp messages leak

Jalang’o speaks-up after incriminating boys club Whatsapp messages leakMilele FM’s radio presenter cum Youtuber Jalang’o has broken his silence days after several messages from a racy whatsapp group he is in were leaked online.

For those who are coming to the party late; Jalang’o, Sam West, and several others who are married were exposed for reportedly engaging in unbridled escapades with scores of women across Kenya’s 47 counties.

In an exposé posted by rubble rouser Edgar Obare, Jalango and his cronies who call themselves the ‘ boy club’ could be seen in a whatsapp group gloating over their growing body count.

The lads were accused of taking compromising photos of women they were humping the sack with which they would later post to their whatsapp group

Also leaked alongside the chats were photos of random Kenyan women who members of the ‘boys club’ claimed to have had a way with.

Jalang’o who got hitched sometime in 2019 was voted by his cronies as the king of the bedroom thugganomics.

The radio presenter who has since refuted claims that he had been fired by his employer said he is not a two-week leave but admitted that the screenshots are legitimate.

He however denied being part of a sex-crazed boygroup and accused Youtuber Edgar Obare of trying to destroy his career by posting half-truths.

Jalango’s who has previously been on the limelight over his supposed wandering crotch now claims the expose has broken up families, cost him business and exposed him to public ridicule.

“The damage you’ve cause (sic) us can never be repaired Edgar and I assure you that were it that I was a bad person this would not have ended well, we will not sue or try to follow on anything and we will just let this pass but you’ve broken families, we have lost business and top clients who have pulled out on us, it is ok and we understand them, no one would want to be around us now,” a snippet from his Instagram post reads.

By Tonny Ndungu


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