Isaac Mwaura Named Among World Superheroes By A Global Organisation


Isaac Mwaura Named Among World Superheroes By A Global Organisation

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura is among 11 individuals globally named as World Superheroes by Terre Des Homes in Netherlands.

The honor was conferred to Mwaura due to his work in championing for the rights of vulnerable children in Kenya.

“When we serve humanity with all our hearts, we don’t think some people notice. I am committed to making change even when no one is looking. The joy to serve and put a smile on someone’s face keeps me going,” Mwaura wrote in a statement to newsrooms.

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura

The Nominated senator encouraged Kenyans to keep their heads up and always see themselves past their shortcomings.

“One thing that I have come to accept is that if you are from a group considered disadvantaged, your success or failure will be attributed to your condition or status. Some people can’t see you beyond their limitations of what they think you are. Don’t borrow their lenses in order to see yourself,” he stated.

In 2019, Mwaura was also feted during the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

He was honored for his efforts in fighting for the rights of persons living with Albinism in Kenya.

Mwaura is the National Coordinator and the Chairman of the Albinism Society of Kenya.

Under his supervision, the organisation has made milestones in rescuing persons with albinism from ritual killings.

The organisation has also helped in creating job opportunities and economic empowerment for persons with albinism in Kenya.

Since childhood, Mwaura faced stigma for having a genetic skin condition. Additionally, his father disowned him and his mother.

“It is also hard to cope in school where ridicule from other children is common. Poor instruction methods by teachers fail to take care of special educational and social needs,” he once stated in an interview.


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