Why Ngong is the hottest selling real estate location in Kenya


Why Ngong is the hottest selling real estate location in Kenya

For many Kenyans, property investment in areas close to Nairobi CBD guarantees return on investments and presents an opportunity to settle in an area where you can access Nairobi conveniently. Areas such as Ngong, Juja, Athi River, Kangundo Road have presented the opportunity to invest affordably in satellite towns with prices below Ksh 1M. Amongst the mentioned areas, Ngong stands out as an area offering affordable land with a much higher return on investment and a faster appreciation rate as compared to other top selling towns. This is mainly because of the below 6 points:

  1. Close proximity to Nairobi – Ngong town is approximately 30 kilometres from Nairobi’s CBD. This proximity to the City Centre has seen it grow rapidly over the last few years, this has hugely affected land prices in the area positively.


  1. The right valuation and affordable plots – Unlike most satellite towns whose plots are overvalued with prices over 1M, Ngong has been fairly valued land with prices as low as Ksh 500,000. This has enabled the low and middle income earners own prime properties at affordable prices.


  1. Massive infrastructural growth – Ngong has experienced infrastructural developments in the recent past. These includes; the recently tarmacked Ngong-Ewaso- Kedong – Suswa road, SGR and SGR Station, construction of the Southern bypass which has eased transportation making Ngong easily accessible from Kikuyu, Ongata Rongai, Magadi and Nairobi. The ongoing dualling of Ngong road will ease traffic and spur economic growth in the area making it more prime for real estate investment.


  1. Continued residential development by Nairobians – As you travel from Nairobi to and past Ngong town, you will notice ongoing massive construction works. A number of middle-class city dwellers have put up their residential houses around Ngong area and this has further caused a high demand for land in Ngong which is a perfect residential and commercial developments.


  1. Ngong Hills – This is an excellent holiday destination for city dwellers who come hiking away from the city’s noise, pollution and congestion. This has made it ideal to construct a holiday home and holiday facilities in Ngong for local and international tourists thus driving up land prices.


  1. Availability of key amenities – the area enjoys accessibility of building material due to proximity to quarries which makes it easy to venture into residential or commercial construction. Accessibility of water from underground reservoirs remains an attractive proposition for investors looking to settle in.


From selling a 50 x 100 plot with prices as low as Ksh 149,000, Ngong now has eighth-acre plots selling with prices between Ksh 650,000 and Ksh 1.5 million. If you are looking for a prime property with a high appreciation rate and ready for immediate development, this is the place to consider.


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