Hook me up too: Akothee’s reaction to sister’s surprise engagement


Hook me up too: Akothee’s reaction to sister’s surprise engagement

Akothee’s sister Cebbie Kokeyo was on July 18 proposed to by longterm boyfriend Juspus Rusana in Kilimani, Nairobi.  Reacting to news of her sister’s proposal, Akothee asked Cebbie to hook her up with a man who could treat her like Juspus did or better yet, enquire whether he had friends or workmates like him.

“Sister! Tell me where you hang out, I could also meet another city engineer who can even gift me a bicycle haki or does he have a friend or a workmate? Hook up a sister,” wrote Akothee.

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She expressed joy at Cebbie’s engagement, joking: “Proud and happy for you my darling sis, congratulations. But don’t give him first, as your elder sister, nataka Za macho, hata kama ni mpesa ni sawa, before I tell him,” she continued.

Cebbie, who was still in shock following the surprise described her fiancé as calm and composed, a feature she highly delights in.

“I like everything about today. To be sincere, I’m shocked, I didn’t see it coming. These are the rare moments that you are never prepared for. The first reason why I like Juspus is because he is composed, secondly, he is understanding and most importantly, he’s got all the potential every woman would die to have.

“I also like the fact that we build one another. I support him in his career, he supports me in my career. We understand one another and the communication between us is perfect. I can say that the chemistry was made in heaven,” she said.

Other than the engagement surprise, Cebbie was also gifted a brand new car with a gas cylinder in it. She assumed that the gift of the gas cylinder meant it was time to start cooking for her husband-to-be.

Sometime last year, Akothee thought that her way of life might have affected her sister’s decision to find a man and settle down seeing that she was constantly battling with her baby daddy’s.

“I might have killed my sister’s dream of having children, with all my baby daddy’s shenanigans when she accompanied me to court and saw all the rubbish that was going on, she said she doesn’t have that energy,” said Akothee.

“Someone tell Cebbie my mum needs a grandchild. It will be okay,” she added.

By Diana Anyango


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Hook me up too: Akothee’s reaction to sister’s surprise engagement

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