Optiven Foundation Hands Over House To Mother Of 5 In Ivovoani

Optiven Foundation Hands Over House To Mother Of 5 In Ivovoani
Optiven Foundation Hands Over House To Mother Of 5 In Ivovoani

Optiven Foundation has handed over a permanent house to a mother of five in Ivovoani, Machakos County.  The development followed interventions by the Foundation after a well wisher approached Optiven following the deplorable state in which the beneficiary was living in.

The beneficiary, Mama Nduku has apart from living in dire need, is also epileptic and has had to fend for her 5 children after her husband left her.  But the environment changed as neighbours, the church and other phylanthropists joined in song and dance on behalf of Mama Nduku.

Speaking at the event, George Wachiuri, Chairman of the Optiven Foundation called on all to take the holiday as an opportunity to reach out to our brothers and sisters in need.  Wachiuri added that, “this Christmas all of us can bless a senior citizen and all citizens are the representatives of the Optiven Foundation where they are”.

He added that the building technology used to build the house was based on green energy and sustainability as part of the launch by Optiven of the #GoGreenNaOptiven campaign that was launched in November 2020.

The Optiven Foundation is supported by the Optiven Real Estate arm of the Optiven Group which provides 5% of the profits from selling properties.  The Foundation has in the past provided similar housing for forgotten senior citizens.  In the latest initiative, Wachiuri says, “the foundation has provided the permanent house, furnished it and provided a scholarship for one of her sons who is currently at the University”.

The fully furnished house was officially handed over by Bishop Phillips Katutu and Mr. Wachiuri.  The event was attended by trustees of the Optiven Foundation, representatives of the Church, local administrators.

About Optiven Foundation

Optiven Foundation is a private charitable organisation registered in Kenya to advance ideas and support institutions to promote a better world. The foundation works through donations and volunteer work.  Over the last 6 years, Optiven Foundation have supported initiatives to advance education for needy students, preserve the environment, improve lives and livelihoods for senior citizens, provision of food in marginalised counties, and promote the health.

You can support Optiven Foundation via

  • Paybill: 898630, Account name: Mobility

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Optiven Foundation Hands Over House To Mother Of 5 In Ivovoani

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