Kenya Village Voices: Is DP William Ruto Poking the Church of Christ?


Kenya Village Voices: Is DP William Ruto Poking the Church of Christ?

Kenya Village Voices: Is DP William Ruto Poking the Church of Christ?It is impossible for the church to exist outside of the influence of human activity and the government. Given the acquisition of property by the church, the property acquired exists within the constraints of the State that govern the ownership of property that the government oversees under the established constitution and laws. Given that the church, ἐκκλησία (ekklēsia) has property, this allows for the state to subjugate the properties under legislature, protecting the investors, or members.

The origin of the word church involved a belonging. It represented a Greek city-state and within this definition, only member citizens could participate. The idea of the church then has to be understood as a gathering of people who belong to that gathering. It is within this historical development that the State then requires registration of a church as a society for those who belong to the entity. These people have to be registered into the ‘ekklesia’ so that the law may protect the contribution and interests in the estate. In this case therefore, the church as registered is an institution of the state. The Church as a spiritual entity is the BODY of YESU KRISTO.

This relationship has created a marriage that in many cases has blurred the relationship between the church as a spiritual entity and the church as a natural entity functioning like any other society within established laws.

We have historically witnessed the merging of church and state in the historical development of Kenya as a nation. The first phase of this merging can be traced back to the need for development. The church utilized the philosophy of harambee to build churches, church schools, and to advance and expand its evangelistic ministry. It was therefore within the theological sphere for the church, whose finances came from personal contribution, to use harambee as a financial source.

This mode of operation cannot be criticized given that the New Testament has record of financial contributions of individuals towards the warfare of others. The church has foundations of theology that supports harambee. St. Paul collected funds from the churches in one place to support ministry in other parts, “because the believers in Macedonia and Achaia have been eager to share their resources with the poor among the saints in Jerusalem. Yes, they were eager to do this, and in fact they are obligated to help them, for if the gentiles have shared in their spiritual blessings, they are obligated to be of service to them in material things.” Romans 15:26. NIV

However, there is a dangerous public gathering of believers and politicians that is merging political positions and the church. It is also true that this marriage has become a function of the church bringing communities together. Funerals are also places where the church as an overseer of the gospel of eternal life, gathers to affirm in the presence of death the unchanging spiritual act of resurrection whose foundation is the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ our Lord. And since those who die are members of the society that is served by politics, the merging is inevitable.

Therefore, the gathering of people under the umbrella of the church for the purpose of functions, including blessings, contribution of finances, blessing of a marriage, or in the act of reminding humanity of the victory over death by Jesus Christ, and the promise of eternity that comes with this, cannot be ignored. However, when a man who understands these distinctions and is educated enough to refer the idea of the gatherings to their goodness allows, through silence or otherwise, the use of the church as a political baraza for warring factions, it is disturbing.

William Ruto has historically testified to his adherence to the gospel of Christ. It is within this reference that he is a welcome choice for the villagers who are also believers in Christ. However, he commands a legend of men and women who are withdrawn from the understanding of the Church and its mission. Given this therefore, when these men and women fail to show honor to the gathering, which is constituted under Christ, the villager is forced to look at William Ruto who they associate with the knowledge of the Christ and the honor of the ekklesia! He is then obligated by his position to guide his legends to their obligation to respect any gathering constituted under Yesu Kristo by his priests.

For the church is the eye of Christ and he cannot be seen to be poking it.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HTBluff Associates

Diaspora messenger Senior Columnist


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Kenya Village Voices: Is DP William Ruto Poking the Church of Christ?

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