Some Kenyans in the Diaspora Maybe Facing Retirement Crisis


Some Kenyans in the Diaspora Maybe Facing Retirement Crisis

Some Kenyans in the Diaspora Maybe Facing Retirement CrisisYou left Kenya seeking greener pastures to go to school, get a better job, join your
spouse, or for a business opportunity. For many of us the years have flown by, and we now
find ourselves facing retirement in a country that is not our own. Are we ready for it?
A casual conversation among many Kenyans in the diaspora on this topic has led some of us
to conclude that we may be facing a retirement crisis. Many of us talk about returning
home but we have not done much to prepare for that return. For others, your land or
sojourn has now become our permanent home. We have relationships here. We, or our
children are married to people who are not of Kenyan origin, and they have no plans of
going back to Kenya with you.

Regardless of where you plan to retire, you need a plan. Unfortunately, most of us
are not heavy on planning. As first generation immigrants, our first and main focus
wherever we are is survival. We work hard. Many of us have more than one job. We live
and breathe work. The most important thing in our lives other than our faith, are our jobs.
When you talk to many Kenyans out here they’ll tell you, “Work is why I am here, otherwise
I would be back to Kenya by now.” What does this mean? We don’t have time to reflect and
plan ahead. Life is about today. Therefore, long-term situations like retirement are put on
the back burner. Apart from finances, how many of us have taken time to consider the
different aspects of retirement such reverse culture shock that you will encounter socially,
culturally, medically, and emotionally? Are we facing a retirement crisis?

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This is precisely why I have created this survey, with the support of the leadership
of the Kenya Christian Fellowship in America (KCFA) to help answer these questions and
see where we fall short so we as a community can seek solutions, if need be. This survey is
for diaspora Kenyans young and old. Retirement readiness does not begin in your fifties or
sixties. The earlier you start the process, the better of you’ll be when the time comes. All
your responses are anonymous and as such none of your personal information will be

Click here and help find out! It’s an opportunity to help us see how prepared we
are for this inevitable season in our life. Thank you for your willingness to participate! For
inquiries contact Beatrice Agingu at [email protected]


Some Kenyans in the Diaspora Maybe Facing Retirement Crisis

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