Jemutai Reveals Professor Hamo Requested DNA Test


Jemutai Reveals Professor Hamo Requested DNA Test

Jemutai Reveals Professor Hamo Requested DNA TestComedian Jemutai has revealed that Professor Hamo asked for a DNA test to determine the paternity of the children they allegedly sired.

Through screengrabs shared by blogger Edgar Obare, Jemutai said she met Hamo on Wednesday at a city restaurant and he agreed to pay school fees for her children.

Further, Jemutai revealed that they did the DNA test on Tuesday at KEMRI and the results will be out in two weeks.

“Yes, that was me, Hamo and his brother we were at Big Square on Wednesday. We met on Monday with Churchill and a few guys to try and sort out issues. We are still sorting out issues.

“At the meeting he agreed to pay for the school fees, so tulimeet on Wednesday as agreed and he gave me the school nkalipa jana… the DNA will be out in 2 weeks.

Adding: “We did the DNA on Tuesday at KEMRI.”

Last week, Hamo responded to claims that he does not support his children. Denying the allegations made by Jemutai, Hamo said he had been providing for all his children from the day they were born.

Highlighting the issue via his Facebook account, Hamo said his current wife is in charge of sending upkeep to the children who don’t live with them.

“I have children who live with me and others who don’t live with me. I have been providing for my children from day one and there’s no day they went without food or shelter or anything they need. My wife is the one who sends upkeep for the children who don’t live with us. This has been the agreement between my family and the mother of the children,” wrote Hamo.

However, the comedian resisted delving deeper into the matter, saying he wouldn’t want to expose his children to ridicule.

Earlier, Bonfire Adventures managing director Sarah Kabu advised Jemutai against selling her Facebook account with over 870k followers.

According to the businesswoman, Jemutai can earn so much more money from her account with proper planning and exposure than what she auctioned it for,

Voicing her opinions via her Instagram page, Sarah also asked the single mother of two to concentrate on raising and providing for her children and forget trying to get back with her children’s father.

Jemutai revealed that she was left to fend for her children by herself after Hamo walked out of their lives. According to her, selling her account was her last resort in trying to care for her children’s financial needs as she is currently unemployed.

By Vincent Kejitan 



Jemutai Reveals Professor Hamo Requested DNA Test

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