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Muigai wa Njoroge Biography: Two Wives, Controversy, Career, Songs

Muigai wa Njoroge Biography: Two Wives, Controversy, Career, Songs

Muigai wa Njoroge Biography: Two Wives, Controversy, Career, Songs
Muigai wa Njoroge (middle) and his two wives, Njeri and Stacey. Photo: Muigai wa Njoroge Source: Instagram

Muigai Wa Njoroge is a Kenyan musician who sings in vernacular ‘Kikuyu’. Muigai is prevalently notable as ‘Kigutha’ because of his hit tune ‘Kigutha’. Njoroge is said to be a previous Mungiki senior however he left the association and got saved.

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Muigai Wa Njoroge Salary

Working as a musician in Kenyan gospel there is no doubt earns a good salary and has been able to accumulate good net worth. However, his exact net worth has not yet been revealed but the information will be updated as soon as it is available.

Muigai wa Njoroge Two wives

It is public knowledge that Muigai wa Njoroge has two wives. The two women are Njeri Muigai and Queen Stacey. What people do not know about Muigai’s misunderstood polygamy relationship is that he has more than six children from his relationships.

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A photo of Muigai wa Njoroge having a great time with his two wives at a charity function went viral after Kenyans discussed it in various social media platforms. The photo’s caption read: My whole world in one picture.

I spent my day at a children’s home alongside my wives and children. This is how we decided to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. Philanthropy does not need you to be rich. God blesses those people who are merciful because they will be treated with mercy.

One of the two wives is called Njeri, and the other is Queen Stacey. The two wives tag and engage one another on social media and seem to be content with their situation that many Kenyans find awkward.

Muigai wa Njoroge’s wives, Njeri and Stacey (left) friends (right). Photo: Muigai wa Njoroge Source: Facebook

Rebuking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership

In the song called Muri Mururu, the musician stated that there is a bitter root that has grown in the president’s leadership that is causing division among the Kikuyu community.

“This bitter root should be uprooted urgently, that is causing division among the Kikuyu community. Leaders, Kikuyu Council of elders and church leaders, it is now upon you,” he sung.

“There is this bridge you are referring to as BB… You all saw its repercussions. Nyoro a one hour governor, chasing his brother in Kitui,” he continued.

The musician likened the current situation in the Jubilee administration to that of King David’s reign in the Bible.

He stated that during David’s reign, a bitter root sprouted when Absalom Son of David caused separation in the house of Jacob and caused chaos among the children.

“Members of the same family confronted each other just because of personal interest Israelites killed each other,” he sung.

The musician called upon all leaders across the Kikuyu divide to put its house in order to prevent further division.

“Its the unity in the GEMA community that chased away colonizers in Kenya but now that unity has been killed by politicians just to protect their personal wealth,” he added.

On his Facebook page, Njoroge stated that the song was a message given to him by God.

“Dear friends, this is the song that the Lord put in my heart, watch it and be blessed,” he wrote on Facebook.

Muigai Wa Njoroge Songs

  1. Gituure Wi Murata
  2. Baby Tutirateithania
  3. Ni Mutharaba ini
  4. Ii Nari Korwo
  5. Kiriganiro Ni Ugwati
  6. Wendo Official
  8. Njohi Cia Ibango
  9. Hague Bound
  10. Nda Ndĩrĩ Hakiri! Hihi We Nĩũrĩ?
  12. Giki Kigutha
  13. Niwega Maitu
  14. Thii Ouguo
  15. gutengatengerio
  16. Muri Mururu




Muigai wa Njoroge Biography: Two Wives, Controversy, Career, Songs


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