Inspirational Book By Lucy Simiyu-Navigating Detours Of Parenting In USA

Inspirational Book By Lucy Simiyu-Navigating Detours Of Parenting In USA

Inspirational Book By Lucy Simiyu-Navigating Detours Of Parenting In USAIn her book Parenting-A Journey of Faith While Navigating the Detours, Lucy Watani-Simiyu walks you through the raw and ugly moments in parenting that come when tragedy first strikes.
She wrote this book after a season when nothing made sense and it felt like she’d been abandoned by God. It was a time filled with anxiety and heartbreak, and with many questions unanswered.

As she shares her story,she gives you permission to not be a hero or be an unobtainable version of someone’s faithful Christian highlight reel. You can be right where you are … moving toward freedom.
As you read, In her parental journey and counselling sessions, the experiential learning from thousands of parents raised many questions and gives answers to questions such as:

How can parents connect themselves to the very heart of God?
What message does God have for you as a parent?
Can children question their faith in God in a nerve-wracking way to parents and yet continue to function sanely?
How can parents equip themselves with the truth of God’s Word to keep sane and fulfill their ambassadorial calling.
What does it mean for a parent to have a well-planned journey for a child?
You ask: what do I do when my child makes the wrong choices? How do I deal with contrary or counterculture? What about parenting guilt? Where is God in all this?

Filled with verses from Scripture, examples from the Bible, and practical insights from the author’s own life experiences, this book will help you combine grace, truth, and God’s Word to find strength and help children overcome obstacles.
This book points you to the source of joy in your journey by pointing you to God’s Word, the truth that sets you free when the journey gets weary. The blueprint still works—not to make you guilty but to liberate you. Maybe you are a parent who is paralyzed by fear of your child’s choices. You may be anxious, hopeless, and helpless about your child’s future. Perhaps you are weighed down by guilt and shame, caught in a slump, overwhelmed with regret trapped in a dead-end parenting, and numb from a child’s choice. You may be drowning in disappointment, anger, shame, and unfilled spiritually so that God and his promises do not make sense. Instead of tying our hope to specific outcomes, let us connect ourselves to the very heart of God. With compelling storytelling and sound scriptural backup, this book gives you the biblical pathway to help you as a parent move beyond the pain of the present to a hope-filled future.

About the Author

Lucy Watani-Simiyu, a native of Kenya, moved with her family to the United States of America. Drawing on her long experience as a mother, teacher, biblical counselor, crisis care hospice nurse, and public health professional, she brings hope to parents in pain. She is a graduate of National University in California with a Masters in public health (MPH) and studied Global Health Management at Osnabruck University, Germany. Lucy is also a graduate of College of Biblical Studies (CBS) in Houston, Texas.She lives with her husband, Bob Simiyu of 28 yrs in Houston, Texas. She has three sons Kevin, Derrick, Roy and a daughter Angel.

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Inspirational Book By Lucy Simiyu-Navigating Detours Of Parenting In USA

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