VIDEO: Emmy Kosgei speaks about her Nigerian life and marriage

VIDEO: Emmy Kosgei speaks about her Nigerian life and marriage
VIDEO: Emmy Kosgei speaks about her Nigerian life and marriage

Celebrated gospel artist Emmy Kosgei has revealed what made her get married to her Nigerian husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko.

Speaking in an interview with a local media house, Kosgei said that she had not given serious consideration to the idea of marriage at the time her husband approached her.

“When he came around, marriage for me was not a priority. I was not under pressure in the fact that was the time I was fully concentrating on my academics and the children I was taking care of,” Kosegai said.

In recollection, the award-winning singer said she took her time and prayed for spiritual guidance before she decided to date her husband.

“I prayed to God about it because once you get married to someone it’s a lifetime. It’s destiny. I didn’t know him much. It was not like we had been dating for a long time,” Kosgeia said before revealing what made her accept Apostle Madubuko’s marriage proposal.

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“When I went to Nigeria, I didn’t know the kind of ministry he was leading. The depth and the wideness of it. I had not encountered his children personally so I got into the marriage by faith. I was not scared. I had peace of mind,” Kosgei told the interviewer.

Recently, Kosgei addressed her prospective family planning in the wake of a ‘childbearing debate’ with her fans.

Kosgei said that she chose not to bow to any pressure noting that God is directing her marriage.


“I don’t set bars, that by this year, by this year… I’ve learned that our lives – it’s like we are acting a movie. God is directing everything. So the worst thing in life is to be under pressure. To me, when the right time comes, we embrace it,” she said.

“I don’t live with expectations,” she added.

Further, the ‘Taunet Nelel’ hit singer revealed that she has two stepdaughters adding that she is already a grandmother.



Video: Emmy Kosgei speaks about her Nigerian life and marriage

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