Groom Who Lost 10 Kin in Mwingi Bus Tragedy Speaks

Groom Who Lost 10 Kin in Mwingi Bus Tragedy Speaks
Mutua Mbuvi and Syombua Mbuvi: Groom Who Lost 10 Kin in Mwingi Bus Tragedy Speaks

A couple that was to solemnize their marriage on Saturday, December 4, has broken silence on how they learnt of the drowning of their 10 family members in the Enziu River tragedy.

Speaking from his home in Nuu village, Kitui County, an inconsolable Mutua Mbuvi narrated that the news was broken to them shortly after they had exchanged their vows.

Mbuvi stated that he sensed something was amiss when he saw wedding attendees consult in hushed tones and his best men occasionally consulting with the priest officiating the ceremony.

However, Father Peter Kilonzo, hurriedly went through the officiating of the marriage and eventually finished.

“Shortly after we exchanged the vows, the news was broken to us. We were told that our children had drowned. 10 of them, my own, all drowned,” Mbuvi stated amid tears.

They would hurriedly board a vehicle that took them to the accident scene despite efforts by the authorities to keep them away.

“There, we saw bodies displayed on the river bank, most of which were my children and grand children… At that point, I felt like my life lost meaning and decided to toss myself in the water but I was restrained,” Mutua told the Nation.

Despite the tragic events, Mutua does not regret holding the ceremony as it meant a lot to him in his Christian journey.

He disclosed that one of his late daughter’s was the one who interested him in a white wedding.

“We were in constant communication with the bridal party and members of the choir who were stranded at the river bank…we had advised them to wait until the water subsided,” Mutua added.

Mutua’s kin namely Alice ndanu, Angela Syombua, Rachael Manoti, Mary Kioko, Kenneth Okinda, Christine Kaka, Patricia Savu, Maria Masaa, Judy Ben, Elizabeth Kaluki and Ethan Murimi, were headed for the wedding ceremony when they met their death.

As at Tuesday, December 7, the death toll stood at 33.


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Groom Who Lost 10 Kin in Mwingi Bus Tragedy Speaks

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