Your dream is unique: Nurture it uniquely, Keep playing your part

Impossible is Nothing

Your dream is unique: Nurture it uniquely, Keep playing your part
Your dream is unique: Nurture it uniquely, Keep playing your part

It is interesting to behold the magic in children and their growth.  From conception, pregnancy, birth, infancy, and developmental changes that come along; the milestones are such a wonder. The 9 months of pregnancy except in other conditions are default.  A pregnant woman cannot decide to deliver two months into the pregnancy. A newborn doesn’t get up and walk home from the hospital. There’s a lot of work in the entire journey, every stage with its own burdens. Overcoming morning sickness ushers in mood swings that invite exhaustion and just when labor erases all the struggle at delivery, a new season of sleepless nights unfolds. Parents deserve more than accolades for being sane throughout these stages without mentioning the mischief of childhood and teenage shocks they absorb before a child becomes an adult. A standing ovation!

A dream can be likened to a child. An idea is first conceived in the mind and the journey begins. Just like a child, the dream grows steadily. One doesn’t dream of owning a mansion today and wake up in it tomorrow.   It is gradual, takes time, one step at a time. Like a baby is nurtured, a dream calls for nurturing too. It is not enough to dream; action must be taken to achieve the desired results. Challenges are guaranteed along the way, but giving up is not an option.

Children develop differently. Some infants see their first tooth at four months, others see it more than a year later.  They walk, talk, comprehend within some range, but not all at the same time or in the same way. No parent gives up on a child because they are not growing up at the same pace as their age mates. No parent abandons a child because they do not display the abilities of other children. Likewise, don’t give up on a dream because it is taking longer to manifest. Do not compare your progress with that of others, when they seem to be doing so well yet you are stuck.

Your dream is unique and like a baby, nurture it uniquely. Keep playing your part, giving it your best. At the end of the day, no child remains a child forever. As years go by, they eventually become adults. No matter how long it takes, your dream will come true if you don’t give up. Take the steps, no matter how little. Pick it up, if you left it along the way. Like a parent takes pride in seeing their child grow and succeed in life; may you, my fellow dreamer, imagine the joy that awaits you at the manifestation of your dream and go for it!

Impossible is Nothing!

By Elizabeth Ekakoro Bore: Diaspora Messenger Contributor

Elizabeth is the author of Imagine the  world and create it, a powerful book that is an inspiration to all to re-ignite our zeal to dream. whatever you dreams,you can bring it to pass.

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Your dream is unique: Nurture it uniquely, Keep playing your part

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