33-Year-Old Kenyan Rodgers Mpuru Who Owns 18 Cars and a Media House

33-Year-Old Kenyan Rodgers Mpuru Who Owns 18 Cars and a Media House
33-Year-Old Kenyan Rodgers Mpuru Who Owns 18 Cars and a Media House

Not too many 33-year-olds in Kenya can afford the type of lifestyle that Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru lives. The National Ordinary Peoples Empowerment Union (NOPEU) party secretary-general is living the dream of many Kenyans – both the young and the old.

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The son of former Tigania East Member of Parliament Mpuru Aburi​ was born in Meru County and attended Moi Forces Academy and later proceeded to the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Rodgers, a father of two and married to Betty Maingi, started his journey to riches after opening a car wash in South B immediately after his university education.

The business grew with time and he expanded by opening several other car washes in different parts of Nairobi.

Seeing its success, the 33-year-old opened a salvage yard called Rodgers Place along Bunyala Road. The yard sits on a one-acre piece of land and accommodates over 200 wrecked vehicles.

Kipembe went on to expand his business opening several branches within Nairobi and expanding his portfolio in various sectors including the media and the banking sector.

He is the owner of the famous Meru TV, one of the top vernacular stations in the country, and Thiiri FM – an upcoming radio station that broadcasts in the Ameru language.

Aburi’s son also has interests in the banking sector owning microfinance that targets and empowers business people and farmers through loans and agribusiness projects.

He is among the founders of NOPEU party that mainly aims at giving a platform to the ordinary members of the public seeking to transform the country through elective posts.

The businessman, who is not interested in running for an elective post in the August polls, revealed that he owns 18 personal cars including a Porsche Cayenne, Land Rover Discovery, Toyota V8, 3 Range Rovers, and 6 Mercedes Benz among others.

He also revealed that he lives in a Multi-million mansion sitting on a 3-acre piece of land in the leafy suburbs of Karen, Nairobi. He also owns a bungalow in his home village of Tigania East, Meru County.


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33-Year-Old Kenyan Rodgers Mpuru Who Owns 18 Cars and a Media House

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