Free Virtual Diaspora Business Expo hosted by Jambo List

Free Virtual Diaspora Business Expo hosted by Jambo List
Free Virtual Diaspora Business Expo hosted by Jambo List

Jambo List LLC is hosting  their 2022 Diaspora  Business Expo virtually on April 29th from 6PM EST and April 30th from 10AM EST. Kenyan Ambassador to the USA, H.E Lazurus Amayo will be the Keynote Speaker. Kenya Embassy staff will be available for Q&A and you are invited.

Jambo List LLC, a Marketing and Consulting Company is changing how Africans in the diaspora do business. They are excited to be hosting one of the most anticipated EXPO in recent times. The link to register and join Both days will be filled with many investors located in the USA, Canada, Kenya and in other African countries.

Since the news came out, many  communities in the diaspora have expressed excitement because this is the first Business Expo of its kind to take place in the last few years. Many  Kenyans in the diaspora are ready to invest  back at home  and  are looking into how they can find genuine companies to do business with. Serah Munyiri, a Director with Jambo List is excited to see this Expo take place. As an organizer of this event  and a community leader she is thrilled about  the opportunity this expo will present to the Kenyans who are young and  those who are looking to retire in a few years. Teresa Njoroge who is a co-founder stated  that young people including those born in the USA will benefit from being informed about all the business opportunities back in our home country.

Vendors and representatives from various sectors such as banking, real estate, tour & travel, hotels, government, education, African authentic art & accessories, insurance and many others will be available to answer all your questions. Mary Muturi, CEO, Jambo List said that the 2022 Spring Diaspora Business expo has been an answered prayer to many Kenyans living in the USA.

Jambo List was started by three Kenyan Ladies from New Jersey with a mission  to connect consumers with African owned businesses worldwide. They believe that African communities will likely not gain economic strength unless they embrace doing business with each other. Jambo List offers a free online business directory that allows businesses to introduce themselves and their products in a one stop shop platform.

Research that was conducted by a black Star Project Study shows that a  dollar circulates for 30 days  in the Asian communities, 20 days in the Jewish communities while circulating for only 6 hours in the African American communities. This narrative can only be changed by the desire to do business with each other.

There are many challenges for small businesses and startup companies.  These  challenges include: lack of capital, lack of name  recognition, lack of brand recognition, and difficulties with marketing which end up causing them to collapse within the first or second year of initiation. Another challenge is lack of trust which is mainly caused by prior bad experiences such as, where one trusted a business to do what they said they would do just to end up being scammed.

Jambo List aims at solving the above problems with a goal to help African owned businesses grow and thrive. They believe there is an untapped market that is ready to do business. They also believe businesses need a platform where they can educate consumers on what they are offering. Consumers also get a chance to review those businesses hence increasing trust.

Please join us on Friday, April 29th from 6PM EST | 5PM CST |3PM PST |(SAT) 1 AM EAT (KENYA) AND on Saturday April 30th at 10AM EST| 9AM CST | 7AM PST | 5PM EAT (KENYA). Our future belongs to us, the investment you make today will be a dream of your future. Welcome and invite your loved ones to meet that unique opportunity you have been waiting for.

Kenyan Embassy staff in the USA will also  be available to meet and address any  questions or concerns that community members may have .


For more information on how you can become a vendor, email or Attend the Free event via this link List your business in the free African Business Directory,

Free Virtual Diaspora Business Expo hosted by Jambo List

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