Salaries: Odd But Well Paying Jobs Kenyans In Diaspora Do

Salaries: Odd But Well Paying Jobs Kenyans In Diaspora Do
Salaries: Odd But Well Paying Jobs Kenyans In Diaspora Do

Achieving the proverbial ‘American Dream’ has become the brass ring that most people ultimately chase in their lifetime.

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In the case of the majority of Kenyans in the diaspora, their evident pursuit of the American dream leads them to dive deep into normal day-to-day jobs in order to sustain their income.

This has been evident in many tales from Kenyans abroad, who have narrated that they had to do odd jobs in order to get the wheels rolling before opportunities for white-collar jobs came knocking.

In America for instance, most of the employers offer per-hour rates unlike back home in Nairobi, where majority are paid at the end of the month. So, what opportunities are in store for Kenyans who travel to the US and other parts of the world? takes a look at these odd but well-paying jobs that are earning Kenyans a hefty income.


For what many may consider as a daunting job that requires skill, it’s still one of the most sought-after jobs abroad. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program, there are 469,900 plumbers as of May 2020, with the projection expected to rise steadily in the next decade.

Due to its nature of work, many graduates and youth in Kenya may not consider this as their ideal work to engage in after school, but the job earns a hefty income for those working abroad.

In the USA, a plumber’s salary is Ksh3,271 per hour. For an experienced plumber who has more than a decade of experience, he’s paid an average of Ksh3,975 per hour.


Butchers in the country generally earn a decent income, especially depending on one’s location. Moreover, the above individuals also make a killing in countries abroad.

The average salary for a butcher is Ksh2,034 per hour with common benefits such as dental insurance, health insurance, paid time off. This is due to the high demand from restaurants situated in different parts of the State as well as the consumers in the market.


Considerably a job that is not on people’s dream career list, nannies take home an average of Ksh2, 237 per hour. For those with more than a year’s worth of experience, they earn a minimum of Ksh2,277 per hour.

To put it into perspective, babysitting for eight hours will earn you Ksh17,896- a figure that most people don’t make on a daily basis.

In a week, they can earn Ksh89,480 inclusive of benefits such as insurance. States where babysitters earn more include, California, Washington, New York, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Security guard 

According to the FAQ page of a local security firm site, the average amount for a guard is Ksh17,500 per month which may go up due to different factors. However, those working abroad earn an average of Ksh 1,795 per hour. For those with 6 to 9 years, they earn Ksh1,955 per hour.

Cutler/ knife setter

While the jobs may not pay so well in Kenya, the above individuals make a considerable amount of money in  some sountries abroad.

In the USA, their salary averages Ksh1,837 per hour, with an annual average bonus of Ksh48,917. The average base salary is Ksh3.8 million (on an annual basis).

As opposed to cutlers in the country who earn Ksh10 or Ksh20 per knife, workers abroad join various meat plants and apply their crafts on large scale.



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Salaries: Odd But Well Paying Jobs Kenyans In Diaspora Do

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