Kenya Diaspora Joshua Omwenga becomes US Army Reserve medic

Kenya Diaspora Joshua Omwenga becomes US Army Reserve medic
Kenya Diaspora Joshua Omwenga becomes US Army Reserve medic

Men and women in uniform sacrifice to serve others and protect the country by putting their lives on the line.

Nonetheless, joining the military, especially in the US, demands more than physical fitness as recruits undergo vigorous tests and screening to ascertain their eligibility.

Joshua Omwenga’s aspirations of joining the army were but a distant dream until they came to fruition. Omwenga, a Kenyan, is currently serving as a combat medic with the 444th Minimal Care Detachment unit in the US military.

According to the US Army official website, Omwenga’s story is a testament to the sheer desire and effort to join the forces.

The Western Kenya native worked as a school teacher before his Green Card was approved, offering him the opportunity to travel to the United States of America (USA).

Omwenga’s extensive background in Biology led him to work as a laboratory technician in the USA. He, however, decided to extend his career and expand his skills by joining the US army.

In just four months, he was dispatched to the 444th Minimal Care Detachment unit as a combat medic.

His ambitions to become a healthcare provider in the military meant that he could help others both in his home country and overseas.

Currently, he has enrolled in providing medical support for Exercise Justified Accord 2022 in Isiolo, Kenya. The international training event focuses on building relationships between nations partnered with the USA as well as honing their skills.

The soldier is part of the 800 representatives that are taking part in the exercise. According to multiple international publications, the average monthly salary for a combat medic ranges from Ksh400,000 to Ksh638,000.

Omwenga continues to use his skills in order to aid the worrying situation within various counties in the North and Eastern regions.

“Over time, there are things you find yourself wishing you could do. I was wishing that someday I would contribute to the stability and security in this region and I’m here today. At least I can say I made my mark here and can move on to the next thing,” he stated.



Kenya Diaspora Joshua Omwenga becomes US Army Reserve medic

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