VIDEO: Drama at JKIA as Woman Arriving From Gulf Assaults Her Agent

VIDEO: Drama at JKIA as Woman Arriving From Gulf Assaults Her Agent
VIDEO: Drama at JKIA as Woman Arriving From Gulf Assaults Her Agent

A woman identified as Nelly Chelagat who arrived from Saudi Arabia attacked her agent at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for allegedly abandoning her in the Gulf.

Chelagat could barely keep calm after she spotted the agent who was seemingly unbothered by the words uttered in a video doing rounds on social media.

It took the efforts of those around Chelagat to restrain her from further manhandling the agent. Police officers also intervened to calm her down, as the agent who was on a phone call walked away. See video below courtesy of Dechemi channel

“Why are you here after you sold me in Saudi Arabia, Did you want me to die?,” Chelagat complained.  According to the aggrieved lady, it was only fair to let out the pain she suffered when working as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia.

She was grateful to Kenyans who shared her plight online and helped persuade the government to act.

“I had called the embassy several times but no action was taken until Kenyans persuaded them to take action,” Chelagat added.

In addition, she called upon the government to intervene and rescue others left in Saudi Arabia going through unimaginable torture.

While she recounted her ordeal, she noted that her misfortunes began when she landed in Saudi Arabia, where she was allegedly mistreated, tortured, and denied basic necessities like food and water.

Another lady spotted in a wheelchair also reportedly arrived from the Gulf. According to Chelagat, several other Kenyans would arrive later on.

A representative of the Association of Skilled Migrant Agencies of Kenya (ASMAK) who was in the vicinity claimed that she was in charge of the case and assured action would be taken against the involved parties.

“I went to Saudi Arabia and came back, this was one of the cases I was handling. As a representative of ASMAK alongside the agent that took Nelly to Saudi Arabia, we are here to stand with the family,” the chairperson stated.

The association, on Thursday, September 8, shared a video of Chelagat living in Saudi Arabia as she bid goodbye to her employer. In the video, she appeared lively and shared pleasantries with her boss.

“As I go to Kenya, I say thank you to everyone who helped me in Saudi Arabia. I am happy, I am okay and I do not need anything,” Chelagat stated in the video shared by ASMAK.

The association did not clarify the video, but urged Chelagat and others sharing the video to desist from tarnishing the reputation of stakeholders.

“Let’s not get used to spoiling for others who Saudi Arabia has changed their lives positively,” ASMAK stated but did not clarify the situation further.

It was also not yet clear when the two videos were recorded and the source of the depth of the conflict between Chelagat and her agent.

Notable discrepancies were also spotted between the two videos. Chelagat wore different clothes when she allegedly boarded the plane in Saudi Arabia and when she landed in Kenya.

In Saudi Arabia, she had a white longsleeved top with black jeans but as she landed she was in white jeans and a black longsleeved top.




VIDEO: Drama at JKIA as Woman Arriving From Gulf Assaults Her Agent

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